Men in Black II: Alien Escape

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Men in Black II: Alien Escape
Men in Black II Alien Escape.jpg
Developer(s) Melbourne House (PS2)
Atari (GC)
Publisher(s) Infogrames (PS2)
Atari (GC)
Platform(s) PlayStation 2, GameCube
Release date(s) PlayStation 2
  • NA June 27, 2002
  • EU July 19, 2002
  • NA February 27, 2003
  • EU February 7, 2003
Genre(s) Action-adventure
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer (Third-person view)

Men in Black II: Alien Escape is a video game of the action-adventure genre released in 2002 by Melbourne House. The game is partially based on the Men in Black II movie.


In MiB II: Alien Escape, players take on the role of one of the MiB agents Agent K or Agent J, and are required to stop aliens from blowing up the earth with a ship based weapon called the Class 7 Ozone Demogrifier.

Once the game is started, an intro is played. A large flying saucer loaded with strange types of alien species is hit by an asteroid and is sent flying into the sun. The intro then cuts to MiB headquarters, July 2002. Zed informs Agents K & J the incident: The V.S.S Maximus Securitus, the largest prison ship in the galaxy, was hit by an asteroid some Earth years ago and sent into the sun. However, the ship narrowly missed the sun and flew into one of Earth's oceans. When MiB investigated, instead of finding a waterlogged grave, the ship was completely empty. It's up to MiB to round up or destroy any and all aliens that pose a threat to Earth.

Mission 1: Dockside[edit]

In this mission, the player is sent to round up Grokk Dubois, a Saroodian alien arms dealer. An attempt to arrest him goes awry and the player is forced to battle his/her way through two areas of dockside to fight him. When finally encountered, he is in a huge robotic suit, armed with missiles, lasers, and small spider-like robots. Grokk is defeated and arrested.

Mission 2: Pleasantview Nuclear Plant.[edit]

Grokk has been interrogated and reveals that the aliens have been acquiring lots of property. Pleasantview Nuclear Plant was shut down for civilian purposes, but now it's back on-line without authorization. Also discovered are three of the galaxy's most hardened criminals: The Fonarii brothers, arrested due to a botched assassination attempt. Also, Grokk has mentioned a name: Zarnak. No record has been revealed but MiB is looking into it. Again the player fights two levels towards the three brothers. Ralph, one of the three is dispatched as the character shoots him into nuclear chemicals. Denar, the youngest fights first after Glignar, the leader runs away after either just running away in fear (J) or developing a conscience (K). The two brothers are killed, but just as the player is about to leave, another level begins, revealing Ralph to be a giant mutated creature. It is unknown after this Ralph has been incapacitated or killed. His fate remains ambiguous.

Mission 3: Global Inc.[edit]

The aliens have been charging alien spacecraft fuel cells and a Class 7 Ozone Demogrifier, which would destroy the Earth. The alien criminal Jarra (later seen in Men in Black II) apparently has it and is running Global Inc. as a legitimate front. This is considerably one of the hardest missions in the game. The player has to fight through 3 levels to finally encounter Jarra. However, Jarra escapes, leaving the player to fight his pet, the giant Rottermite Queen. The queen is defeated and shot the entire way down from the top of the building and impaled onto a statue holding a sword.

Mission 4: N.Y Streets[edit]

The V.S.S Maximus Securitus has been stolen right from MiB. Jarra and his crew are planning on escaping. Fortunately, there have been several street sightings, so MiB has sent out newspapers reporting alligator attacks and evacuated the city. A botched deal with Jarra leads a three level fight to Jarra. The fight finally comes when Jarra is defeated, and is interrogated on the spot. When questioned of the ship's whereabouts, he says, "Behind you." K or J make a snooty remark, but Jarra is indeed correct, as the doors to the ship are right behind the character. Jarra then says how useless going through them would be, since Zarnak will be taking off in only a matter of minutes, leaving behind a little "present" that will destroy Earth.

Mission 5: V.S.S Maximus Securitus[edit]

The final battle begins. Zed reveals that Zarnak intends to turn the Earth into toast (for comic relief, a picture of toast comes up). It is Zarnak, an alien criminal, who plans to destroy the Earth; Jarra was only an associate. He plans on using the Ozone device to reduce the Earth to cinders. Levels 1 and 2 have the player fighting through tunnels to get to Level 3. The walls are curved and indented, to be used as hiding places. Level 3 has the character discovering the take-off facility. After fighting through the facility, the ship takes off. Level 5 has player fighting through the ship, with prison cells proving to be exceptional hiding places. At the end, player faces off against Zarnak, who gloats about the Earth's destruction. At first, Zarnak is easy to defeat, but special cannons re-create Zarnak into a larger, more powerful being, who is slightly harder to defeat the second time as he utilizes cannons. After a second defeat, he re-creates himself into an even larger, more powerful, being. Zarnak is defeated, leaving behind a small metal ball, which opens up, revealing the real Zarnak, who attempts to run away. Depending on who the character in play is, Zarnak is arrested (K) or squashed (J). The character goes into a final video, which has the player attempt to steer the ship before bouncing around the Solar System and landing back into the lake under New York City. The character announces that Zarnak will not be leaving, K and/or J then activate the Neutralizer seen in the film, ending the game.


Both K and J use a maximum of 7 weapons combined. The two use other weapons per character. The shared weapons include:

  • J2 blasters: These are a standard MiB weapon, available in every mission. The projectiles of this weapon are one (for odd-numbered power-ups) and three (even-numbered power-ups). These weapons are seen and used in Men in Black II (elevator scene). This similarity is how K has two and J has one. Color given is blue.
  • Xeno bombs: These are powerful weapons and are a one-time only deal. These kill all enemies in the immediate area, without having to spend time and waste health. While this is an extremely powerful weapon, it is also very valuable. If possible, saving these for boss missions would be acceptable. Only three are available per mission. Has no specific color, but has the appearance of a pill.
  • DRG Fusion Cannon: This is the second given weapon in all the missions. This is not a weapon that can take power-ups, as it is equipped with any weapon of K and J's. This weapon can target and kill several aliens at once. To use, press and hold down the firing button, release when needed. The charging bar is to the left of the highlighted weapon in use.

Each weapon has six levels, with five power-ups allowed each weapon. The level bar is to the right of the highlighted weapon. These power-ups can be forced out of the character if hit a certain amount of times. Also, many aliens can knock out all power-ups for the current weapon with a single hit, minus one. If left out of a character for a certain amount of time, they disappear.


  • HBIII Globulator: This is a good weapon, as it can target several enemies, like the DRG Fusion cannon, but has a limited number of projectiles [From 3 to 8] depending on the number of power ups it gains. The use of this weapon is that all projectiles can home in on several enemies, but a better use for this is when the maximum number of power-ups itm has obtained. This is useful against several enemies and bosses, such as Jarra, Grokk, the shark guy [unofficial boss, because he doesn't have an entire level to himself] and Zarnak. Color is green.
  • Plasma Torch: Good use against rottermites, [three-legged dogs that shoot fire from their mouths like dragons], perengors [very effective beasts that uses shields as a defence mechanism and pack quite a punch] and other enemies. This also has good uses, when dousing enemies in it, but has a limited range, making it a very ineffective weapon against far away foes. Color is orange.


  • XD9 "Lazy Weasel": Similar to both of K's Weapons, but instead fires straight in all directions. Good against enemies like Mulkorans [troll-like aliens], but not against very far away foes. It can also have from 3 to 8 projectiles. Color is red.
  • IonHammer: The appearance of this gun is similar to K's plasma torch and a grenade launcher. This fires grenade-like objects that explode on contact. This can be used multiple areas, but is a very effective weapon against Grokk, the Rottermite Queen, and Mutant Ralph. Color is purple.

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