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Men of Iron is an 1891 novel by the American author Howard Pyle, who also illustrated it. Set in the 15th century, it is a juvenile "coming of age" work in which a young squire, Myles Falworth, seeks not only to become a knight but to eventually redeem his father's honor.[1] In Chapter 24 the knighthood ceremony is presented and described as it would be in a non-fiction work concerning knighthood and chivalry. Descriptions of training equipment are also given throughout.

It comprises 68,334 words and is divided into 33 unnamed chapters, an introduction, and a conclusion. It was made into a movie in 1954, The Black Shield of Falworth.


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  1. ^ Mallon, Thomas (1990). "Past Present". Nation. 250 (12): 427–8. Retrieved 13 February 2013. It is the story of Myles Falworth, an in-exhaustibly gung-ho lad of the 15th century who is out to become a knight not only for the glory of it but also to avenge his blind father, who was once unfairly implicated in a plot against Henry IV and forced to live a much-reduced life in exile and danger 

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