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Mena Report
CategoriesNews service
PublisherAl Bawaba
Year founded2001; 18 years ago (2001)
LanguageArabic, English

Mena Report (Middle East and North Africa Business Report) is a business news source established in 2001 and run by Al Bawaba (Amman, Jordan, and Dubai).[1] It covers business and economics across the Arabic world.[2]


The Mena Report was established in 2001.[1][3] It covers economy and trade, IT and telecom, financial markets, oil and energy, agriculture, general industry, retail and services, transport and tourism.[4] At time of launch, and provided similar content as the Mena Report.[5] Al Bawaba employs journalists and editors to cover news and events in the Middle East and North Africa. The content is presented on Al Bawaba's own website, and is syndicated to other publishers and aggregators.[6] In 2009 the Mena Report portal claimed to have 123,409 monthly site visits.[7]


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