Menagerie Wilderness

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Menagerie Wilderness
IUCN category Ib (wilderness area)
Map showing the location of Menagerie Wilderness
Map showing the location of Menagerie Wilderness
Location Linn County, Oregon, United States
Nearest city Sweet Home, Oregon
Coordinates 44°25′44.03″N 122°18′21.58″W / 44.4288972°N 122.3059944°W / 44.4288972; -122.3059944Coordinates: 44°25′44.03″N 122°18′21.58″W / 44.4288972°N 122.3059944°W / 44.4288972; -122.3059944
Area 5,033 acres (2,037 ha)
Established 1984
Governing body United States Forest Service

The Menagerie Wilderness is a designated wilderness area located near Mount Washington in the central Cascade Range of Oregon. It is situated near Highway 20 within the Willamette National Forest and is managed by the US Forest Service.


Rock climber repelling Rooster Rock, Menagerie Wilderness.

The Menagerie Wilderness is situated around a series of rock pinnacles each uniquely named from the imagination of past climbers; hence the name, Menagerie. The best known, and most popular is Rooster Rock. Others include Hen Rock, Turkey Monster, and Chicken Rock.[1]


The primary recreational activities in Menagerie Wilderness are hiking and rock climbing, but camping and wildlife watching are popular among some visitors. There are only a few established trails in the Menagerie, most notably Trout Creek Trail and Rooster Rock Trail - both of which lead to Rooster Rock. Visiting other pinnacles requires a cross-country hike over steep, rugged terrain.[2]


Vegetation in Menagerie Wilderness is primarily second growth Douglas-fir, western hemlock, and western red cedar. Much of the understory consists of vine maple, salal, and sword fern.[2]

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