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Menaul School
Menaul School, Albuquerque NM.jpg
301 Menaul Blvd. NE
Albuquerque, New Mexico, 87107
United States
Type Independent
Religious affiliation(s) Presbyterian
Established 1896
President Lindsey R. Gilbert, Jr.
Campus Urban
Color(s)      Red
Athletics conference NMAA
Mascot Panther

Menaul School is an independent sixth through twelfth grade day and boarding school in Albuquerque, New Mexico with a diverse, intellectual, personal, college preparatory education experience. Menaul School is accredited by the State of New Mexico, Independent Schools Association of the Southwest (ISAS) and North Central Association (NCA). The school has strong historical significance in New Mexico, and especially in Albuquerque, where Menaul Blvd. and many other locations have been named for the school.[citation needed]


Although the roots of Menaul School go back to 1881, when Rev. Sheldon Jackson, a Presbyterian minister, opened "The Pueblo Training School" (PTS) in Albuquerque, NM under a contract with the U.S. government, that did not mark the founding of Menaul School.

Instead, it marked the establishment of Presbyterian-related education in Albuquerque. The PTS was originally located in the Duranes area, just north of Old Town in Albuquerque. In 1882, the government purchased 66.67 acres of land from citizens of Albuquerque. (This is the property at what is now Indian School Road and 12th Street.) In 1884, the school moved into buildings at that location.

In 1886, the Commissioner of Indian Affairs did not renew the contract with the Presbyterians and took over the PTS facilities. The Presbyterians decided there was still need for a boarding school and so, in 1896, Rev. James A. Menaul, a Presbyterian minister, sought and received Presbyterian mission funding for a boarding school that would serve Spanish-speaking boys from New Mexico, primarily from the northern portion of the state, and purchased some 200 acres at the present Menaul School location.

Many students came to Menaul School from Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado, where public education was nearly non-existent in those early days. It was not unusual for parents to contribute to their children's education with grain or livestock. The livestock were in turn used on the school's farm, which kept the students well fed.

In 1972, the Presbyterian Church relinquished control over and financing of Menaul School to an independent and volunteer Board of Trustees. Though the school remains related to the Presbyterian Church, its only major support from the national organization comes from the church-wide annual Christmas Joy Offering collected each December.

The grades taught at Menaul School have fluctuated from primary school to high school throughout the school's history. The first students to graduate from Menaul School comprised the Class of 1906. In 1934, Menaul School became co-educational. Throughout the years, Menaul, as a school grounded in the reformed Christian tradition, gained a reputation for educating good students with excellent values, ethics and moral character. Today, Menaul School is an independent school for grades 6 through 12. (A full middle school program was added in 1992.)


Our college preparatory curriculum is designed to build the skills necessary for the demanding program of university, post secondary and vocational studies. With individualized attention and definite direction, Menaul School challenges students academically and shapes them into dynamic, balanced, critical-thinking individuals. At Menaul School, the student to teacher ratio is 9:1.

From dramatic plays to plot analysis, magnets to molecular theory, simple addition to algebraic calculations, basic computer skills to advanced networking, Menaul School's carefully crafted curriculum advances in complexity as students master skills and mature in intellectual sophistication.

Menaul School is accredited by the State of New Mexico, Independent Schools Association of the Southwest (ISAS) and North Central Association (NCA).


In concert with the school's overall mission and values, and as a vital extension of a strong educational program, the athletic department provides interscholastic educational options which foster the full intellectual, character, physical, social and emotional growth of participants.

Menaul School's athletes learn valuable life lessons in practical situations - teamwork, winning and losing, hard work, self-discipline, appropriate handling of competitive situations including sportsmanship and self-confidence. They produce productive young people who become responsible adults and productive citizens.

Within the school community they create an atmosphere of unity that fosters school spirit and stimulates interest in and support for the entire school.

Menaul School offers students numerous and diverse opportunities to experience meaningful growth through sound habit of mind and body. They intend to enhance self-esteem and respect for self and others. They promote development of integrity, sportsmanship, commitment, teamwork and a sense of accomplishment.

Through athletic participation, students learn to handle adversity with dignity, show graciousness in defeat and humility in victory while treating everyone with respect.

As a part of Menaul School's membership in the New Mexico Activities Association, they are committed to "Pursuing Victory With Honor," a character and sportsmanship development program associated with "Character Counts."

Senior high level sports open to 8th - 12th grades. Separate middle school programs (6 - 8) provided in selected sports. Opportunities exist for involvement of motivated students regardless of previous experience, skill level, and size. There is a student conduct policy. Sports programs welcome athletes and managers. Student interest drives program offerings.

Visual and Performing Arts[edit]

The Menaul School Fine Arts Program focuses on providing students with a diverse exposure to the Arts through authentic idea development, tenacity, creativity and performance. All courses strive to encourage students to be both inquisitive and inventive. Menaul School's program offers supportive classes with professionals that prepare students for excellence in the community and the world at large.

Extracurricular Activities[edit]

Students participate in a variety of sports at Menaul School, including football, soccer, volleyball, basketball and track and field.

Students participate in organizations such as Student Council and Model UN, and clubs such as Junior Civitan, Garden Club, Art Club,French Club, Tribe, and Robotics Club.


Since its founding in 1896, Menaul School has been a leader in belief and action in support of diversity. Menaul School remains committed to being a diverse and inclusive community that promotes fairness, respect, equal treatment and opportunity for all. Diversity benefits the entire school community by providing a wider range of perspectives and experiences. The Menaul Board, administration, faculty, staff, parents, students and alumni are committed to a positive, pluralistic environment where the intellectual, social, spiritual and emotional wellbeing of all people is affirmed and assured.

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