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Вулкан Менделеева.JPG
Northwestern face of the volcano
Highest point
Elevation888 m (2,913 ft) [1]
Coordinates43°58′34″N 145°44′10″E / 43.976°N 145.736°E / 43.976; 145.736[1]
Mendeleyeva is located in Far Eastern Federal District
Mendeleyev volcano in Russian Far East
LocationKunashir, Kuril Islands, Russia
Mountain typeStratovolcano
Last eruption1880

Mendeleyeva (Russian: вулка́н Менделе́ева; Japanese: 羅臼岳, Rausu-dake) is a stratovolcano located in the southern part of Kunashir Island, Kuril Islands, Russia.

Relief map

The dominantly andesitic-dacitic volcano is cut by two nested calderas, the larger 6–7 km in diameter and the smaller 3-3.5 km. A central cone that formed inside the younger caldera was breached to the west by a large debris avalanche about 4200 years ago. A lava dome that grew inside the avalanche scarp forms the 888 m high point of the volcano. Additional lava domes in the northern part of the older caldera are considered to represent flank activity of the younger caldera.[1]

The only unambiguous historical eruption was a small phreatic eruption in 1880. Four solfatara fields lie at the eastern and northern flanks of the central cone. Goriachy Pliazh geothermal field is located outside the caldera, along the eastern coast.[1]

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