Mendelssohn (surname)

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The Yiddish-language surname מענדעלסאן is transliterated to English as Mendelssohn, Mendelsson, Mandelson (surname), or Mendelson. It is a common Polish/German Jewish surname. The variant spellings are used interchangeably, often even within a single family.

The name means son of Mendel ("Mendel's son"), or son of Menachem, as Mendel is a Yiddish diminutive of the Hebrew given name Menahem. Menachem itself means "consoling" or "one who consoles."



Musical societies[edit]

  • Mendelssohn Club (1874), a Philadelphia choral society
  • Mendelssohn Glee Club (1866), a New York City choral society
  • Mendelssohn Performing Arts Center (1884), a Rockford, IL music organization.

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