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Since 1826, there have been two Meneely Founderies, based on either side of the Hudson River in New York state.

The first Meneely bell foundry was established in 1826 in West Troy (now Watervliet), New York,[1] by Andrew Meneely, a former apprentice in the foundry of Benjamin Hanks.[2] Two of Andrew's sons continued to operate the foundry after his death, and it remained a family operation until its closure.

The second Meneely bell foundry was established in 1870 by a third son, Clinton H. Meneely, across the river in Troy, New York. Initially he was in partnership with George H. Kimberly, under the name Meneely & Kimberly; this second foundry was reorganized in 1879 as the Clinton H. Meneely Bell Company, then later as the Meneely Bell Company. Like its related competitor, it remained a family operation until its closure.

Business cards for both of the competing Meneely bell foundries appearing in the Troy Daily Times May 20, 1891

The two foundries competed vigorously (and sometimes bitterly) with each other. Together, they produced about 65,000 bells before they both closed in 1952.[3][4]

Locations of bells from the "First Meneely Bell Foundry"[edit]

List of known locations of Meneely foundries bells from the First Meneely Foundry (West Troy. est. 1826):

Memorial in Watertown, Massachusetts
Bloomfield, Connecticut
The Justice Bell at the Washington Memorial Chapel in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania
National Patriots Bell Tower, Washington Memorial Chapel
The 42" 1,320 lbs. tower bell of Saint Joseph Roman Catholic Church in Mountain View, California
Washington Memorial Chapel and National Patriots Bell Tower, which holds a Meneely carillon

United States[edit]

New York[edit]

First United Methodist Church of North Creek, North Creek, Town of Johnsburg NY. The bell is located in the church's belltower and is inscribed Meneely Bell Foundry, Troy NY 1887.

New Jersey[edit]

New Jersey

Meneely Bell Company, 1915 Casting of the Suffrage "Liberty Bell" at Troy, New York


  • St Peter's Episcopal Church, Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania.[13]
  • Saint Peter Cathedral in Erie, Pennsylvania
  • Washington Memorial Chapel, Valley Forge, Pa. The National Patriots Bell Tower carillon at Valley Forge National Historical Park
  • Washington Memorial Chapel. The permanent location of the "Justice Bell" (aka "Women's Liberty Bell"), cast in 1915 and dedicated to the women's suffrage movement.
  • Scranton Lace Factory, Scranton, Pennsylvania.
  • Trinity Reformed Church (now Trinity United Church of Christ), Holland, Pennsylvania. (1930) A carillon of 25 bells. The first complete tuned carillon by Meneeley, Watervliet.
  • First Presbyterian Church of York, York, Pennsylvania (1861) Bell with Rotating Yoke
  • Tower of Old Main, Westminster College in New Wilmington, Pennsylvania
  • The United Methodist Church of Pittston, Pittston, Pennsylvania, dated 1854
  • Lutheran Church of Enders. The church is now privately owned. Bell dated 1874.
  • St. James’ Episcopal Church (Perkiomen) located in Collegeville, PA. Bell is inscribed to “St. James Protestant Episcopal Church Perkiomen 1868” on one side and “In thanksgiving for the ending of the rebellion” on the other.
  • Brickerville United Lutheran Church formally (Warwick Lutheran Church) located in Brickerville, Pa. The bell is dated 1884.
  • Seelyville Union Chapel (861 Maple Ave., Honesdale, Pennsylvania) - bell dated 1904, "Dedicated Oct. 17th, 1902 - Erected Dec.? 1904"
  • Cameron County, PA Court House, The bell is dated 1863 and was donated to the People of Cameron County by Simon Cameron for naming the County after him.
  • Laurel Highlands Presbyterian Church, Bovard, PA. The bell is dated 1898 and was originally made for and was donated to St. Gertrude Roman Catholic Church in Vandergrift, PA on Ascension Day, May 19, 1898.


Rhode Island[edit]


  • Abbot Hall (Marblehead, Massachusetts)
  • Cushing Academy, Ashburnham, Massachusetts. "Cushing Academy, Ashburnham, MA".</ref> The bell was cast in 1893 and is 5' in diameter. The bell is manually struck on graduation day, September 11th, and special occasions only.
  • Millbury Baptist Church, Millbury, Massachusetts. Bell made by Clinton H. Meneely Bell Company, Troy, N.Y. A.D. 1884 – Bronze Bell
  • First Baptist Church of Arlington Massachusetts[15] The bell was cast in 1903 and is 5' in diameter. The bell is manually struck on special occasions only.
  • Memorial in Watertown, Massachusetts (The former First Baptist Church of Watertown at 134 Mount Auburn Street)
  • Second Congregational Church, Westfield, Massachusetts (cast in 1867; in 1962, moved to the church's new building but mounted on the grounds outside.
  • Westport Point United Methodist Church, Westport Point, MA - Bell inscribed with "Meneelys', West Troy, N.Y."; The bell is bronze, 78% copper, 22% tin, and is mounted in the church steeple. It is 23 inches in diameter and 18 inches tall and is estimated to weigh 250 lbs.

The East Congregational Church in Ware, Massachusetts (now the United Church of Ware, after merging with the Ware Methodist Church in 1968) has a Meneely Bell, which was dedicated June 2,1926. The East Congregational Church burned in 1925 and the original bell crashed to the ground and was broken.

  • The bell from Cosmian Hall in Florence, Massachusetts now on the grounds of the Florence Civic Association is a Meneely Bell from 1863.
  • The Lee Chapel at the former Medfield State Hospital, Bell inscribed with Meneely Bell Company, Troy, NY USA A.D. 1896



  • Berlin Congregational Church, Berlin Center, Vermont
  • Wilder Center, Wilder, Vermont[17]
  • Saint Peter's Catholic Church, Rutland, Vermont
  • Brattleboro Union High School, Brattleboro, Vermont
  • Williston Town Hall, Williston, Vermont

New Hampshire[edit]



  • Alexandria City Hall, Alexandria, Va. The inscription cast on the bell reads "Steeple, clock and bell presented to the City of his nativity by an esteemed citizen. Alexandria, VA, A.D. 1872"
  • Spotsylvania Courthouse, Virginia, Spotsylvania, Virginia[19]
  • Eastern State Hospital Medical Library, Building No. 3, Williamsburg, Virginia (1886) Bell was originally utilized to signify curfews and special events at the nation's oldest psychiatric hospital, established in 1773.
  • Christ and St. Luke's Episcopal Church, Norfolk, Va. (1860) The bell was formerly at the original site of Christ Church, Norfolk and moved to its present location when the parish moved in 1909. The bell is inscribed "Christ Church, Norfolk. A.D. 1860" and is thought to be the oldest bell in Norfolk.


  • Atlanta First United Methodist Church (Originally Wesley Chapel), Atlanta, Ga. Cast in 1850, it survived the civil war while most of Atlanta's other bells were melted down to make cannons. Rings every Sunday morning at start of worship
  • Trenton, Georgia (Privately owned by the families of Raymond, William, and David Bennett), inscription reads "Meneelys West Troy, NY – Mountain City Fire Department, Rome, Georgia, 1870" – This particular bronze bell hung in the fire station belfry in Rome Georgia, over the horse-drawn hook and ladder equipment, and would be rung whenever necessary to call volunteer fireman to duty. During World War II the old station was torn down. Because of the shortage of metal, the old bronze bell was sold to an office of the Anniston Scrap Materials Company, located in Rome, Georgia. Eventually, the Rome office was closed and all the inventory from the scrap metal company was moved to Anniston, Alabama. There, a supervisor noticed the bell with its inscription and date of 1870, and sent a message back to the Rome fire department by the driver of a bread truck, stating that the old bell from the fire department had not been destroyed as yet. Back at the fire station in Rome, Raymond Bennett, veteran firefighter, showed interest and drove all the way to Anniston, Alabama to find out about the bell. The supervisor at the Anniston Scrap Metal Materials Company said that if anybody was interested to make the drive all the way from Rome, Georgia to Anniston, Alabama, then he could have the bell free of charge. Raymond Bennett paid only the shipping charges of $4.89 to have the 750 pound bell shipped to Rome a week later. The bell hung in Bennett's yard for approximately 10 years in Rome, Georgia. That was in the mid-1940s, during World War II. In 1956, Raymond Bennett moved to New Smyrna Beach, Florida and took the bell with him, where it sat mounted in his front yard for another 30 years. Upon his death, the bell was then moved to Sanford, Florida for approximately 20 years in the backyard of his son's home, that of William (Bill) Bennett. In 2006, William's son, William David Bennett moved from Brazil, South America where he was a missionary with his family, to Trenton, Georgia. His parents, Bill and Ruth Bennett, were moved to Trenton to live with their son and his family. The bell went along and has been mounted in the front yard of David and Vicki Bennett's home in Trenton, Georgia since April 2007.[20]

North Carolina[edit]

  • Christ Church, New Bern, North Carolina, 1875, replacing bell destroyed in fire.
  • First Baptist Church, Raleigh, North Carolina, 1886, replacing the original bell of about 1859
  • Christ Church, Raleigh, North Carolina, 1860. The vestry records say of the 1860 bell: "The second bell weighing over 1200 lbs. was bought of Meneeley & Co, West Troy N. Y. (J. M. McKimmon Treas. of the Vestry) August 14th 1860. It served the parish faithfully till the summer of 1889, when it was found to be cracked and no longer fit for use."
  • Christ Church, Raleigh, North Carolina, 1890. The vestry minutes say of the 1890 bell: "[R]esolved that the Rector be requested to order a new bell of Meneely & Co. on the terms stated in their letter of Sept. 12, 1889, with the understanding that R. B. Raney Esq. [husband of Olivia Raney] make good any deficit not to exceed $75.00 that may be due at the time the bell is delivered which he has so generously offered to do & further that the Rector be requested to convey to Mr. Raney the thanks of the Vestry for his most commendable zeal and liberality." Further "The third (and present) bell of remarkably fine tone and quality weighing 2000 lbs. . . . called the congregation together for public worship for the first time on Easter Day April 6th 1890. The bell cost delivered here, besides the old broken bell given in part payment, $358.00 including mounting & c. complete. Putting it in place in the tower cost $41.05 additional . . .. Making the whole cost $400.00 and the old bell."

South Carolina[edit]


Other Southern states[edit]

  • Prattville Male & Female Academy (Prattville, Alabama)
  • Saint Paul's Episcopal Church, Federal Point, Florida Historical records indicate that the bell was purchased for $32 and was installed in the bell tower on April 22, 1883.
  • First Presbyterian Church, Gainesville, Florida. Bell cast in 1859 Cost unknown


  • An 1849 Meneely bell located at First Congregational United Church of Christ of Elyria, Ohio, 44035.
  • An 1883 bell from Ruskin School is in the lobby of the new Ruskin School building, Dayton OH.
  • A 1919 Meneely bell located at Woodbury Elementary School, Shaker Heights, Ohio, 44120. The bell was cast in 1919 and weighs 2,000 lbs.[22]
  • King Avenue United Methodist Church in Columbus, Ohio[23]


  • The Father’s House Church, 302 W Stephenson St., Freeport, IL 61032. The bell was delivered in 1892 to celebrate the 50 year church jubilee. 2100 lbs.
  • St. John Cantius Church, Chicago, IL 60642. Four Meneely bells dedicated in 1897: 5196 lbs., 2891 lbs., 1800 lbs., and 750 lbs.
  • Perry, Illinois Church of Christ: bell was cast in 1855 (date on bell), but was bought by the Perry Church of Christ congregation at a later date. Bell hung in church building dating to 1880 (placed on the National Register of Historic Places in recognition of 'Carpenter Gothic' architecture) until the building was destroyed by fire in 2014. The bell survived and is mounted in memorial park at the same site. The bell is about 29.5 inches in diameter.
  • St. Paul Lutheran Church, Pontiac, Illinois ... purchased in the late 1860s.
  • Second Congregational Church, Rockford, Illinois (cast in 1865; in 1891, moved to the church's current location)
  • St. Paul Lutheran Church, Rockford, Illinois has three bells in the church building that was dedicated in 1906.
  • Lombard, Illinois, in the Maple Street Chapel (1870)
  • Naperville, Illinois, on display at Naper Settlement
  • Rock Island Arsenal Clock Tower in Rock Island, Illinois, has a 3,538 lb bell stamped "1867 Meneelys' West Troy, N.Y."[24]
  • Lacon Congregational Church, Lacon, Ill. (bell cast in 1890)
  • St. Patrick's Catholic Church, Camp Grove, Ill. Dated 1904. Church closed in 2013, bell now property of Peoria Catholic Diocese.
  • DeKalb High School, Dekalb, Ill, dated 1912, originally installed along with clock in tower of 1903 (2nd) DeKalb High School. Now on ground display at 4th DeKalb High School as of June 2011.[25]
  • Roscoe United Methodist Church, 10816 Main St., Roscoe, Illinois, 61073 has a Meneely bell dated 1855. The bell was hung in the bell tower in 1856 of the original Methodist Episcopal Church built on this site in 1851. That building was razed in April, 1907 and the bell was then hung in the new building on the same site, where it is still being rung as of November, 2020.


  • A Meneeley & Co. bell dated 1891 sits in the Bell Chapel of the Christian Conference Center in Newton, Iowa. Originally installed in 1891 in the German Congregational Church of Muscatine, Iowa, the building became home to the First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) of Muscatine in 1931. FCC Muscatine donated the bell in 1965 to the Christian Conference Center for the Center's Opening Dedication.
  • University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls, Iowa, dedicated in 1926[26]
  • Lark School, Onawa, IA – Presented to Onawa Corporation in 1860 by Onawa Educational Sewing Society.

Other Midwestern states[edit]

  • City of Grand Rapids 1878 Fire Bell, Grand Rapids Public Museum, Grand Rapids, Michigan. First hung in a temporary wooden fire tower at Ottawa and Pearl Sts, 1878–1888 until it is installed in the tower of City Hall (1888–1969). It now stands at the entrance of the Grand Rapids Public Museum since 1995.
  • Laingsburg United Methodist Church, Laingsburg Mich. (1881 bell)
  • Saint Stephen's Episcopal Church, Sherman, Texas
  • Salado Antique Mall, Salado, Texas. Currently on display. Manufacturers date of 1866. Meneely, West Troy, New York. No other inscription. Bell is intact and it has been placed on a stand for display purposes. No information is available as to where the bell was first installed.
  • First United Methodist Church, Crockett. Texas/ Currently in use. Manufacturer's date of 1859, Meneely, Troy, New York. The church was organized on December 23, 1839.
  • Minneapolis City Hall, Minneapolis, contains 10 bells from 1896 and 4 more added in 1923. Bells chime every quarter-hour. Live performances are regularly held by the Tower Bell Foundation.[27]
  • Immanuel Lutheran Church in Madison, Nebraska
  • St. John (Old Stone) Lutheran Church Rural Benton Township Nemaha County, Nebraska. Cast in 1874 from a French cannon captured by the Prussian Army in the Franco-Prussian War and donated to the German Immigrant Congregation by Prussian King Wilhelm I.
  • First Congregation United Church of Christ, Benton Harbor, MI
  • Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in West Bend, Wisconsin. Cast in 1892, approximately 1,100 lbs. The bell was acquired by the church in the 1960s from a church that was merging in Rosendale, Wisconsin. It still rings weekly, though not by its original yoke, which broke in 1998.[28]
  • Waterloo Public School in Waterloo, Wisconsin. Text on bell reads "Meneelys' West Troy, N. Y. 1865, Waterloo Academy, Founded 1862."
  • St John EV Lutheran church in Whitewater, Wisconsin, 36" 900lbs, Made in Watervliet 1924
  • Christ Church Cathedral, Indianapolis, Ind. Eight bells from Meneelys West Troy, N.Y. were installed in 1860, and a ninth bell was added in 1890. The bells still are used regularly.

Western states[edit]

  • First Presbyterian Church (Portland, Oregon);[29] installed in 1864, transferred in 1889 to new building, where it remains in use today[30]
  • Mt. Zion Baptist Church, formerly Deutsche Congregationale Zion Kirche (German Congregational Zion Church) in Portland, Oregon
  • San Jose State University in San Jose, California "Cast to commemorate the California State Normal School in 1881, this 3,000-pound bell was rung at 8 a.m each morning until the earthquake that stilled its voice in 1903. In 1910, the bell was re-installed in the main building of the newly constructed Tower Hall, where it was rung on special occasions. In the early 1960s, seismic concerns led to its retirement and relocation at ground level." Source credit: plaque on San Jose State campus.
  • Saint Joseph Roman Catholic Church, Mountain View, California
  • Church of the Nativity, Menlo Park, California
  • Cathedral Church of St. Mark, Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Star Hotel (Renamed the Keystone Hotel in 1926), Lampasas, Texas. Hotel was built as the stage coach stop for the Austin Stage in 1856. The bell was cast in 1860 and used by Mrs. Gracy, wife of the owner, to tell the residents of Lampasas when meals were being served at the hotel. At that time the bell was located in a cupola on the roof. In the late 1890s the bell was relocated to a courtyard on the East side of the building when the roof was changed from wood shingle to metal. (Facebook: Keystone Star Hotel)
  • Culbertson Memorial Church, Casa Blanca, Arizona. The current church was built in 1927, replacing an earlier building from 1897. The bell, which was cast in West Troy in 1898, currently hangs in front of the church.
  • Filoli Historic Estate, Clock tower, c.1921 construction (bell is stamped 1856), Woodside, California



  • St Lawrence Hall, Toronto, Ontario. (This bell, cast in 1849, is unused and virtually inaccessible in the cupola of St Lawrence Hall. [31]
  • Wesley Knox United Church. Woodville, Nova Scotia. Canada.
  • Church of St. John the Evangelist, Montreal. Dated 1917. Still in daily use.
  • Roddick Gates McGill University in Montreal
  • Saint Thomas Anglican Church in Orrville, Ontario, inscription: "Meneely & Co West Troy NY – I was given by Friends in Depot Harbour in the Diocese of Algoma 1901 "When I do ring, God's praises sing" "When I do toll, Praise heart and soul"
  • Saint Andrew's Church in Boisdale, Nova Scotia, on Nov. 14, 1897. Fire destroyed the church in 1927.[32]
  • Church of the Apostles St. James and St. Mathias, Glasgow St. Guelph, Ontario
  • Cathedral Church of St. James, Toronto, Ontario
  • The Old Schoolhouse, Camden East, Ontario.

Other international locations[edit]

  • St. Helena Baptist Church, Jamestown Chapel, Jamestown, island of St. Helena, South Atlantic Ocean. Bell from West Troy cast in 1852. Unsure of weight, but approx. height and diameter at bottom 70 cm.[33]
  • Saint Anthony's Church (Svateho Antonina) in Strossmayerovo Namesti, Prague, Czech Republic (see below)

Locations of bells from the "Second Meneely Bell Foundry"[edit]

List of known locations of Meneely foundries bells from the Second Meneely Foundry (Troy, est. 1870):

United States[edit]

New Jersey[edit]

The Presbyterian Church at Bound Brook, Bound Brook, New Jersey. Bell is stamped, "Presented to The Presbyterian Church of Bound Brook, A.D. 1909, In Memory of, Louisa Davis Negus, by Her Husband". Marked on back "Meneely Bell Co., Troy, N.Y.".

New York[edit]

  • Elim Bible Institute, Lima, NY. The bell inscription reads 'Meneely & Kimberly, Founders, Troy N.Y. 1878.'
  • Greece Baptist Church, Rochester, New York. The bell inscription reads 'Meneely & Kimberly, Founders, Troy N.Y. 1879.' It is on display in front of the Church.
  • St. Paul the Apostle Church, Mechanicville, New York. The approximately 1900 lbs. bell was originally installed in the previous edifice in 1871, and moved to the present church building in 1919. It was made at a cost of $800.
  • Most Holy Trinity Church in Brooklyn, New York.
  • Assumption Church – Staten Island, N.Y. Assumption - St. Paul Parish. Bells dedicated August 6, 1922.[34]
  • SS. Cyril and Methodius Russian Orthodox Church in Hartshorne, Oklahoma. Inscription on the bell – MENEELY BELL Co., TROY N.Y., 1909
  • *Firemen's Memorial Lot, Charlotte, North Carolina; Bell stamped Meneely & Co., West Troy, N.Y. 1881 (bell is for display only)
  • First United Methodist Church of Westfield, New Jersey. A single 2,048 lb bell stamped Clinton H. Meneely Bell Company, Troy NY and dated 1886. Controlled to ring hourly, by a clock mechanism made by the E. Howard & Co of Boston, MA from the same year. It was originally in an earlier wooden church steeple and in 1910 was moved to its current stone church steeple.
  • Christs Church at Ballard Corners, Sparta, Michigan; Bell stamped Meneely's Troy, N.Y. 1869
  • Van Norden Carriage House at the Jay Heritage Center Rye, New York; bell stamped "Meneely Bell Co. Troy, NY 1907"
  • St. Mary's Church, Nassau, NY - Meneely Bell Co., Troy, N.Y, 1925. Approx 800 lbs.
  • Holy Trinity Orthodox Church, Elmira Heights, N.Y. Inscription on the bell – Meneely Bell Co., Troy, N.Y., 1916.
  • North Creek United Methodist Church, North Creek, N.Y. Inscription on bell: Clinton H. Meneely Bell Company, Troy New York, A.D. 1887.
  • Church of the Good Shepherd, Granite Springs, New York. Inscriptions on the bell read, "To the Glory of God and In Memory of Samuel Jennings Murphy and Serena Deas Murphy...this bell is presented by their children...1908," and "Meneely Bell Co. Troy, N. Y."
  • First Baptist Church, Watertown New York; Bell stamped Meneely Bell Company, 1901. Troy, New York. ssm


  • United Congregational Church, Bridgeport, Conn., 1926.
  • St. Michael's Episcopal Church, Litchfield, Conn., 1920 inscribed on the bell "Cast in 1920 for the fourth St. Michaels's Church, replacing the bell of 1855, which in turn replaced the first bell of 1828, Adeste Fidelis." Meneely and Company Bellfoundry, Watervliet, New York.
  • St. Peter's Episcopal Church Monroe, Connecticut. Meneely & Co. (of Troy) bell was raised on October 19, 1875 (replacing a bell from 1812) and first rung on October 24.


  • North Brookfield Elementary School (North Brookfield, Massachusetts) | North Brookfield Elementary School, North Brookfield, Massachusetts Created by Meneely & Kimberly Founders. Presented to the North Brookfield High School By Theodore C. Bates November 1, 1878. On display in the center of area called “the bell”.


  • Calvary Episcopal Church Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. July 26, 1907. 11 bells, 14,039 pounds. Donated by Helen Clay Frick, daughter of industrialist, Henry Clay Frick.
  • Fairview Presbyterian Church, Fairview, Pennsylvania. 1887, bell marked Meneely & Kimberly, Troy, NY. On one side the bell is inscribed "May all who heareth come."
  • First Presbyterian Church of York, Pennsylvania, 1861, purchased by Philip Albright Small and Samuel Small
  • Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Holy Trinity, Irwin, Pa., one bell installed shortly after 1880.
  • The Phelps School's "Victory Bell" in Malvern, Pennsylvania
  • The Upper Moreland Middle School in Montgomery County, Pa. It was originally hung in the Belfry of the Willow Grove school which opened in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, in 1895. It is marked "MENEELY BELL COMPANY, TROY, N.Y. USA, AD 1894"
  • Church of the Good Shepherd in Boyertown, Pennsylvania, one bell marked "Meneely & Kimberly, Makers, Troy, N.Y." on one side, with the church name on the other side. Although in a church, this bell is part of what is also known as the Boyertown Town Clock, being restored in 2017.[35]
  • Millersville University, Millersville, Pennsylvania. 1,000 pound-bell reading "Bell cast by Menaly and Kimberly, Troy, N.Y. 1874"
  • St. Paul's Reformed Church, Quarryville PA. Bell marked Meneely & Kimberly Founders, Troy N.Y. Opposite side - St. Paul's Reformed Church Quarryville, PA. D.B.Shuey, Pastor A.D. 1879 "All the people praise the Lord." The bell is located in our bell tower and rang every Sunday by hand before the church service.


  • Thornwood Clock Tower, Germantown, TN. 1902 Bronze bells. Installed 2018.
  • Kirkland Hall Tower, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN. Bell dated 1906.

Midwestern states[edit]

  • A Meneely Bell Company bell instrument exists and is regularly played at First Congregational Church in Marietta, OH. The instrument consists of 10 bells located in the North Tower and was dedicated December 1922.
  • A Meneely & Kimberly bell remains in front of the Cortland Elementary School in Cortland, Ohio. The school was once named Cortland Union School as cast on the bell 1876. This bell will soon be relocated to the Cortland High School.
  • A Meneely & Kimberly bell (cast with the date 1876) is displayed inside Barker Hall (Trinity Episcopal Church), Michigan City, Indiana. Inscription: +Feast of S. Andrew+ +MDCCCLXXVI+ +O Come, Let Us Worship+
  • A Meneely & Kimberly bell dated 1877 is located in and used at the First Presbyterian Church of Cadillac, Mich.
  • Davis County Courthouse (Meneely & Kimberly Bell Co., 1879) in Bloomfield, Iowa
  • St. Patrick's Catholic Church, Ogden, Kansas. Bell dated 1910
  • St Joseph Catholic Church in Waite Park, Minn., cast in bell: Meneely Bell Co, Troy N.Y., 1918.
  • St. Mark's Church, Geneva, Ill. Inscription: October 1, 1868 This bell was a gift to the parish given by Mr. and Mrs. John Hobart Warren of Troy, N.Y., as a token of respect and esteem for the rector The Reverend William S. Greene.
  • Faith Lutheran Church, Pelican Rapids, Minn., has an 1886 Clinton H. Meneely Bell in its clock tower.
  • Meneely's bell dated 1879 in front of a replica of Texas' 1st State House, in West Columbia, Texas.
  • St. John’s Lutheran Church, Chicago IL, dated 1905. Converted to residential condos with bell preserved in courtyard.

Other U.S. locations[edit]

  • First Presbyterian Church of Dunedin, Florida. Bell dated 1888. Photograph of bell available. Bell engraved: "Andrews Memorial Presbyterian Church, Dunedin, Fla."
  • Monroe County Courthouse Clock Tower, Key West Florida. Bell dated 1886. Bell engraved "Clinton H. Meneely Bell Company, Troy, NY, U.S.A., A.D. 1886."
  • St. Patrick Church, Lowell, Massachusetts. Bells dated 1905
  • St. Johns Episcopal Church, Kula Hawaii (Maui) Bell dated 1909
  • St. Saviour's Episcopal Church, Bar Harbor, Maine. Bells dated 1938
  • Soldiers Chapel – Schofield Barracks; Wahiawa, Oahu, Hawaii. Church steeple built 1913. Bell dated 1911.
  • West Virginia University at Parkersburg, Parkersburg, West Virginia. Bell cast in 1902
  • The Morehead-Patterson Bell Tower, Chapel Hill, N.C. The twelve original bells were cast by the Meneely Bell Company[36] in the early 1930s, and supplemented by two bells from Petit & Fritsen, Belgium in 1998.
  • Calvary Episcopal Church, Bastrop, Texas. Marked "Clinton H. Meneely Bell Company, Troy, NY, A.D. 1884". Still in original bell tower, used regularly. Original 57" diameter wooden ringer wheel replace Easter 2022 after 138 years in use. Photos available.
  • Biola University Campus, La Mirada, California. The bells were originally installed on the building of the Bible Institute of Los Angeles at Sixth and Hope Streets in Los Angeles. When the school, known as Biola College, moved to La Mirada the bells were moved as well. (The King's Business, August 1915, page 671 for the original information on the bells)



  • Christ Church Windermere, Ontario, Canada. Inscription on the bell- (one side) "In memory of Charles Henry Mockridge, Priest and Doctor, February 25th 1913". (other side) "Meneely Bell Company, Troy, NY, 1914"
  • Sainte-Marthe-De-Vaudreuil Catholic Church, Quebec, Canada.
  • St. Andrew's United Church in Markham, Ontario[37]
  • Tower Clock of the old Parliament building, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Meneely & Kimberly dated 1875. Damaged by fire of 1916.
  • Saint Patrick's Catholic Church, Fallowfield, Ontario, Canada. Maneeley & Kimberly Bell cast in 1875. Still in daily use.
  • Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Church, Prospect, Nova Scotia, Canada. Meneely Bell Co., 1928.
  • Halifax Explosion Memorial Sculpture, Fort Needham Park, Halifax. Nova Scotia. Still in daily use. Formerly used at United Memorial Church, 5375 Kaye St, Halifax, NS B3K 1Z4, now in disuse and sold for development.
  • Stella Maris Roman Catholic Church, Inverness, NS. Donated by the League of the Cross in 1906. The bell fell from the tower in 1977. It is now displayed on the front lawn.
  • St. Alexis Church is a Roman Catholic church situated in Rollo Bay] Prince Edward Island. The famous relic of St. Alexis parish is the Rollo Bay Bell. The bell bears the following inscription:

Jesu + Marie + Joseph + P. Cosse m'a fait, - Michelin 1723. In 1870 Je fus retire des ruines d'une Eglise d'un Ancien Village Acadien I.P.E. En 1882 les paroisieus de Rollo Bay me firent refondre par Meneely et Cie de West Troy N.Y. en souvenir de leurs ancetrees de L'Acadie

Translated, this reads as:

Jesus + Mary + Joseph P. Cosse made me, - Michelin 1723. In 1870 I was removed from the ruins of a Church of an Ancient Acadian Village in PEI. In 1882 the parishes of Rollo Bay had me recast by Meneely & Company, West Troy, N.Y. in memory of their Acadian ancestors.

  • Georgetown Public Library & Cultural Centre, Georgetown, Ontario, Canada. Originally the bell from the Methodist Church (donated for use as a library in 1913), it now sits in the public square outside the library. The inscription on the square-facing side reads "A.D. 1878 Meneely & Kimberly Founders, Troy, NY".
The bells of the Šilai church, Lithuania

Other international locations[edit]

  • Bell in the name of Miss Elsie Priest, Tunghai University, Taichung, Taiwan.
  • Monastery of Annunciation, located in West Morava Canyon, Serbia, dated 1920
  • A Meneely & Kimberly bell is in daily service in the Parish Church of San Andres Xecul, Totonicapan, Guatemala.
  • Church of the Name of Jesus, Silai (Šilai), Lithuania (Lietuva). Two bells dated 1925. Inscription both bells – “MENEELY & CO., WATERVLIET, N. Y. U.S.A. 1925.“
  • San Bernardo Abad Parish, Betulia, Santander, Colombia. Two bells, fine and sweet sound, made by the company at the end of the 19th century, have remained in the towers of the church until the present.

Other notable Meneely bells[edit]

The Columbian Liberty Bell[edit]

The Columbian Liberty Bell was cast by Clinton H. Meneely's foundry for display at the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1893. The bell disappeared while on tour in Europe.[38][39][40][41]

Saint Anthony's Church Bell, Prague, Czech Republic[edit]

The Meneely bell that hangs in St Anthony's Church in Prague was purchased by the Mid-European Union in October 1918 to commemorate the independence of Czechoslovakia after World War I and donated to the group's president, Thomas Masaryk, who became the head of the country's provisional government and, in 1920, the Czechoslovak president. The bell cost $2,000 and weighed 2,542 pounds (1,155 kg).

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