Mengalum Island

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Mengalum Island
Mengalum Island is located in Borneo
Mengalum Island
Mengalum Island
Coordinates6°11′59″N 115°35′47″E / 6.19972°N 115.59639°E / 6.19972; 115.59639Coordinates: 6°11′59″N 115°35′47″E / 6.19972°N 115.59639°E / 6.19972; 115.59639
State Sabah

Mengalum Island (Malay: Pulau Mengalum) is an island located on the West Coast Division of Sabah in the South China Sea on Malaysia. The island is among popular destination for Chinese tourists to Sabah.[1]

2017 Chinese tourist boat mishap[edit]

On 28 January 2017, three Chinese nationals died while 22 others rescued after their boat sunk in the sea while on their way to visiting the island.[2]

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