Mengla County

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Mengla County
勐腊县 เมืองหล้า
Traffic in the town of Mengla
Traffic in the town of Mengla
Location of Mengla County (pink) within Xishuangbanna Prefecture (yellow) and Yunnan
Location of Mengla County (pink) within Xishuangbanna Prefecture (yellow) and Yunnan
Mengla County is located in Yunnan
Mengla County
Mengla County
Location of the seat in Yunnan
Coordinates: 21°28′N 101°35′E / 21.467°N 101.583°E / 21.467; 101.583
Country People's Republic of China
Province Yunnan
Prefecture Xishuangbanna
GB/T 2260 CODE[1] 532823
 • Total 7,056 km2 (2,724 sq mi)
 • Total 194,360
 • Density 28/km2 (71/sq mi)
Time zone China Standard (UTC+8)
Postal code 666300[2]
Area code(s) 0691[2]
1Yunnan Statistics Bureau [1]
2Xishuangbanna Gov. [2]
3Yunnan Portal [3]

Mengla County (simplified Chinese: 勐腊县; traditional Chinese: 猛臘縣; pinyin: Měnglà Xiàn; Thai: เมิ้งล่า, เมืองหล้า) is a county under the jurisdiction of the Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture, in far southern Yunnan province, China. Meng is a variation of Mueang.


Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), is located in Menglun in Mengla County, covering an area of more than 1000 ha. Over 13,000 species of tropical plants are preserved in its 35 living collections.[3]

The last Indochinese tiger in the wild in China is believed to have been killed near Mengla in 2009. The perpetrator is believed to have been sentenced to 12 years imprisonment for this.[citation needed]

A tiny frog, Raorchestes menglaensis (known as the Zhishihe's bubble-nest frog or Mengla small treefrog) is only known from its type locality, Zhishihe in Mengla County.[4]


Mengla has a borderline tropical wet and dry climate and a humid subtropical climate (Köppen Aw and Cwa, respectively). The city has a generally humid climate with strong monsoonal influences. Summer is long and there is virtually no "winter" as such; instead, there is a dry season (December thru April) and wet season (May thru October). The coolest month is December, averaging 16.3 °C (61.3 °F), while the warmest is June, at 25.5 °C (77.9 °F); the annual mean is 21.8 °C (71.2 °F). However, high temperatures reach their peak in April before the onset of the monsoon from the Indian Ocean.


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Coordinates: 21°28′00″N 101°35′00″E / 21.4667°N 101.5833°E / 21.4667; 101.5833