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万里望 (wànlǐ wàng) "Menglembu" is a small township in the Ipoh City Area, Perak Darul Ridzuan, Malaysia, lying at the foot of the Kledang Hill.

It is famed for the Menglembu groundnuts. The "groundnuts" are processed and packed by "Ngan Yin Groundnut Factory Sdn. Bhd."

The brand name is "KACANG CAP TANGAN" (literally in Bahasa Malaysia means HAND BRAND GROUNDNUTS) was incorporated by Mr Ngan Yin in 1975.

Historically, Menglembu and the surrounding areas of the Kinta Valley were settled by Chinese of the Hakka Dialect Group from South China who worked in the tin mines.

These townships were so populated by the Hakka that even many of the non-Chinese people spoke Hakka. Eventually, most of the Chinese people in the Ipoh area adopted Cantonese, the main dialect of Ipoh Town, as their Lingua Franca.

Menglembu "may be" one of the oldest township in Ipoh. Many shoplots were built in 1906 before the pre-World War era. There are very few left in the Menglembu Township.

Most of the shops around have been torn down and rebuilt, while some have been renovated. It is possibly one of the very few left that is still with its original condition.

Beside the old buildings and peanuts, nowadays, Menglembu is one of the famous places for eating out.

For example, "Twins Chee Cheong Fun", "Traditional Curry Mee" and famous Ipoh White Coffee, are a few examples. One eating place, 有口福, 明明记, 来发, serves good food and beverages.

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