Meningeal carcinomatosis

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Meningeal carcinomatosis
Hirnbiopsie menigiosis.jpg
Meningeal carcinomatosis: tumor cell clusters in the subarachnoid space in a brain biopsy
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Meningeal carcinomatosis in a patient with breast cancer (contrast-enhanced axial T1-weighted MRI)

Meningeal carcinomatosis is a condition in which a solid tumor diffusely spreads to the leptomeninges. Lung tumors, breast tumors, and malignant melanoma comprise the majority of solid tumors spreading to the leptomeninges.


Although rare, Meningeal carcinomatosis can arise from cervical cancer.[1] Only 8 cases of MC arising from squamous cell carcinoma of the uterine cervix are previously reported in the literature.[1]


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