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Menlo font.tiff
Designer(s)Jim Lyles
FoundryApple Inc.

Menlo is a monospaced sans-serif typeface designed by Jim Lyles. The face first shipped with Mac OS X Snow Leopard. Menlo is based upon the Open Source font Bitstream Vera and the public domain font Deja Vu.[1]


Menlo was replaced as the system monospaced font: in Mac OS 10.11, with a new Apple-made monospaced font called "SF Mono", a monospaced variant of the San Francisco family of fonts that Apple has created as part of its corporate identity. It is not installed as a user-accessible typeface by default, although it is included with and used by Xcode. Even if it is installed by the user, SF Mono's license agreement is extraordinarily restrictive; it limits use of the font "solely in conjunction with Apple-branded applications", and it is not allowed to be embedded anywhere. Any other use of the typeface requires written consent from Apple.

As of Mac OS 10.12.4, the user still cannot install or use SF Mono unless it is copied out of the Resources folder. Apple has however begun to use it on the Apple Developer website;[2] the version used there is slightly newer than the one that ships with Mac OS.

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