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Mennonite Church in India (Bharatiya Mennonite Church in India ki Pratinidhi Sabha) is a Mennonite denomination of India. The number of its members is about 3,500. It has 19 congregations. Its bishop has his seat at the town of Dhamtari in Chhattisgarh. It is part of the Mennonite World Conference.

Mennonite church in India was established in 1897 by the missionaries from then Mennonite Board of Missions of Elkhart, Indiana USA. Among the first Indian members of the church were seven men from Dhamtari. The church started its preaching ministry from Ama Bagicha. In 1910 the missionaries opened Dhamtari Christian hospital, Bathena followed by churches, schools, and mission hospitals in the nearby places. The Mennonite Church in India celebrated its centenary year in October, 2011 which was attended by 22 churches at the MCI conference Dhamtari. The centenary celebration was held from October 25 to 27,2011 The jubilee function was celebrated on the 30th of October.

P.J. Malagar was the first Indian bishop followed by Bishop Javiour and Bishop S. S.Kunjam. Bishop C. F. Nath presently holds the MCI conference as moderator.Madhukant Masih is the secretary of the MCI conference.Rev.P.K.Das is the Voice Moderator, Dr.Sandeep Patonda is the Treasurer of MCI, Vikal Pravin Rao, Secretary MCI Rakesh Kumar,Mr.Yogesh Lal Kalyan Masih & Rajneesh Ram are the Executive members of the conference 2010- 2011-2012. Now Mennonite church in india

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