Mennonite Heritage Village

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Mennonite Heritage Village
Steinbach windmill.jpg
Windmill at Mennonite Heritage Village
Location Steinbach, Manitoba, Canada.
Coordinates 49°33′04″N 96°41′07″W / 49.5512°N 96.6853°W / 49.5512; -96.6853
Type Cultural history

Mennonite Heritage Village is a museum in Steinbach, Manitoba, Canada. It is a major tourist attraction in the area, as thousands of visitors visit it each year. It has an indoor facility documenting the history of German speaking Mennonites from Russia and an outdoor village, which is most famous for its windmill.

The museum includes two monuments originally erected in Russia to commemorate the centennial of Chortitza and honor the two Mennonite leaders, Jacob Hoeppner and Johann Bartsch, who chose the site and accompanied the first colonists.


The Museum is affiliated with the Canadian Museums Association, the Canadian Heritage Information Network and Virtual Museum of Canada.


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