Mennonite Your Way

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Mennonite Your Way
Abbreviation MYW
Formation 1976; 42 years ago (1976)
Founder Leon and Nancy Stauffer
Over 1,700 hosts
Key people
Jay and Glola Basler, editors and coordinators

Mennonite Your Way (MYW) is a hospitality service that caters to Mennonites. Like all hospitality services, it is an example of collaborative consumption and sharing.

How it works[edit]

MYW publishes a printed directory of people who are willing to offer homestays in their residences. There are over 1,700 hosts. Guests must buy the directory for $45; the charge for hosts is $30. Guests must pay to the host a nightly fee of $10 per adult, $2 per child and if breakfast is offered, $2 per meal, unless specified otherwise.[1]

Participants are mostly Mennonites or other followers of Anabaptism, such as Schwarzenau Brethren. Hosts are mostly elderly couples and are mostly in areas where there are traditionally many Mennonites of Swiss and South-German ancestry, such as Pennsylvania. Although MYW operates in 70 counties, almost all hosts are either in the United States, Germany, the Netherlands, or Switzerland.


MYW was created in 1976 by Mennonites Leon and Nancy Stauffer.