Menntaskólinn Hraðbraut

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Menntaskólinn Hraðbraut
Menntaskólinn Hraðbraut logo.png
Faxafen 10
Iceland Reykjavík
Coordinates 64°07′44″N 21°52′01″W / 64.12889°N 21.86694°W / 64.12889; -21.86694
Type Private
Motto Tveimur árum á undan
(Two Years Ahead)
Established August 1, 1996
Opened August 2003
Status Closed
Principal Ólafur Haukur Johnson
Staff 25
Gender Mixed
Pupils 210
Language Icelandic
Classrooms 9
Nickname Hraðbraut

Menntaskólinn Hraðbraut, or, simply, Hraðbraut (Icelandic: motorway, express road, speedway or dual carriageway), is a privately run Icelandic secondary school founded in 1996 that began operating in 2003. The school awards a student degree after two years of study instead of the standard three; the school's name reflects this express course. The two years are divided into 15 sessions, with the first year lasting 7 sessions and the second lasting 8 sessions, where each session lasts for 6 weeks (except the last session, which lasts for 2 weeks). Pupils can study at the natural science department or at the language department, but considerable emphasis is placed on the empirical sciences in both departments, such as mathematics and biology. In addition to the sciences, much emphasis is put on learning English.

A class room in Hraðbraut


The school is smaller than other Icelandic secondary schools, most of which have 700 to 1200 pupils. The school's initial intake graduated in 2005.

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Coordinates: 64°07′44″N 21°52′01″W / 64.12889°N 21.86694°W / 64.12889; -21.86694