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Stallion "Melilcoma", engraving by Meno Haas
Plate of Cyperaceae from Rottbøll's "Descriptionum et iconum rariores"

Meno Haas aka Johann Meno Haas (6 April 1752 Hamburg - 16 October 1833 Berlin) was a German-born copperplate engraver, miniaturist, illustrator and painter. He was the brother of George and Peter Haas (1754-1804), and father of Jean Meno Haas. Meno was the son and student of the engraver Jonas Haas (1720 – 1775). He also trained under Johann Georg Preisler (1757-1831) at the Academy of Copenhagen

Haas was only a year old when his family moved to Copenhagen. There he spent much time at the Academy, listening to his father and Johan Martin Preisler's teaching. In 1778 he became an engraver attached to the University.

In 1782 he went to Paris, moving there with his younger brother Johan-Jakob-Georg Haas (1756-1817), another engraver. There he worked under Nicolas de Launay. In 1786 he accepted a commission to copy art works in the Berlin Gallery and became a member of the Academy of Berlin in 1793. Haas worked for a number of booksellers, engraving plates by contemporary German painters.[1]

His wife, Birgitte Cathrine born Hortulan (*1758), was the fifth of the Holberg actor Marcus Ulsøe Hortulan's seven children.

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