Menudo (album)

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Menudo 1985 LP.jpg
Studio album by Menudo
Released 1985
Genre Pop
Label RCA International
Menudo chronology
Ayer Y Hoy

Menudo is the name of three albums by Menudo.

The group released three self-titled albums in their history. The first one was in 1981, which was also released under the title Fuego.

The second one was Menudo's 17th album (second in English) released in 1985, featuring Charlie Massó, Roy Rosselló, Robi Rosa, Ricky Martin, and new Member Raymond Acevedo. Raymond replaced Ray Reyes after Ray had to be forced to leave the group because he grew too tall. Menudo's management reported that the move had to be made because his height was making the group look uneven. This album contains seven brand new songs plus three songs from their Evolución album translated into English. It also features their only song to reach the Billboard Hot 100: "Hold Me," which peaked at #62. A music video was released for this single. One of the band's most successful albums, Menudo is also notable for featuring two members who went on to become highly successful international stars as solo artists: Ricky Martin and Robi Rosa.

The third self-titled album was Menudo's 23rd (third in Portuguese) released in 1986, featuring Charlie Massó, Robi Rosa, Ricky Martin, Raymond Acevedo, and Sergio Blass. This album is the Portuguese version of Refrescante and once again the group's management decided to release the album using the same cover that was used for the Spanish version. This is the fourth and final album recorded by this line-up.


  1. Hold Me - Singer: Robi Rosa
  2. You And Me All The Way - Singer: Raymond Acevedo
  3. Come Home - Singer: Charlie Massó and Robi Rosa
  4. When I Dance With You (English version of "Yo Seré Tu Bailarín") - Singer: Charlie Massó
  5. Don't Hold Back - Singer: Robi Rosa
  6. Explosion - Singer: Robi Rosa
  7. Oh, My Love (English version of "Rayo De Luna") Singer: Ricky Martin
  8. Chocolate Candy (English version of "Sabes A Chocolate") - Singer: Robi Rosa
  9. Transformation - Singer: Roy Rosselló
  10. Please Be Good To Me - Singer: Robi Rosa
  • Sing and Dance - Singer Robi Rosa