Menudo Mix

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Menudo Mix
Menudo Mix.png
Mixtape by Latino Velvet
Released July 13, 2004
Genre West Coast hip hop, hip hop, gangsta rap, Chicano rap
Length 63:48
Label 40 Ounce Records
West 80
Producer Baby Beesh, Da' Unda' Dogg, Greg Geezy, Jay Tee (exec.), Johnny Fingazz, Johnny Z, JP Nebres, K-Lou, One Drop Scott
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Menudo Mix is A mixtape of classic and remixed songs compiled from the Latino Velvet and N2Deep music catalogs, as well as the members, Jay Tee, Baby Beesh, Frost & Don Cisco, own solo projects and guest appearances. The last two tracks, "Life is Like… " and "Bay Area Factors" are bonus tracks and were previously unreleased.

Critical reception[edit]

Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic2.5/5 stars[1]

Allmusic - "...Menudo uncut West Coast hip-hop...clean, compressed production...sizzling-hot tracks together with their memorable hooks...this all-star group delivers on its reputation. From the first to the last track, Latino Velvet grimace, flex, and boast. From the architects of the style, there are few voices as bold and authoritative."[1]

Track listing[edit]

# Title Performers Originally released on
Album Year
1 "LV - Intro"
2 "Tha Chop" Baby Beesh & Jay Tee Tha Smokin' Nephew 2003
3 "You Should Neva Be Broke" Jay Tee & Baby Beesh Spread Yo Hustle 1997
4 "Just A Touch Of Game" Mac Dre, Jay Tee & Baby Beesh 707 Compilation 2000
5 "S ‘N The Game" Jay Tee, Baby Beesh & Da' Unda' Dogg
6 "Spice Of Life" Dubee, Jay Tee, Don Cisco & Baby Beesh Get Wiggy Compilation 2002
7 "Raza Park (Original Version)" Jay Tee, Don Cisco & Baby Beesh Latino Velvet Project 1997
8 "Where The G’s At" Baby Beesh, Nino Brown, Jay Tee & Don Cisco The Rumble 1998
9 "We Bubble" Jay Tee & Baby Beesh High Caliber 2002
10 "Smash On" Jay Tee, Young Dru & Baby Beesh Get Wiggy Compilation 2002
11 "You Ain't Heard" Jay Tee & Baby Beesh Bayriderz, Vol. 3: Kalifornia 2002
12 "Congratulations" Baby Beesh, Merciless & Jay Tee Slightly Pimpish/Mostly Doggish 2000
13 "In Demand" Baby Beesh & Jay Tee Unreleased Game 1993: The Lost Album 1993
14 "Feria" Baby Beesh & Jay Tee That Was Then, This Is Now, Vol. 1 1999
15 "Blame It On The Game" Jay Tee & Baby Beesh Playas Association Vol. 3 - The Product 2001
16 "Breezy" Don Cisco, Baby Beesh & Jay Tee Oh Boy 2000
17 "Maria" Baby Beesh, Jay Tee & Frost Slightly Pimpish/Mostly Doggish 2000
18 "Shots To The Dome" Don Cisco, Baby Beesh & Jay Tee So Cold 2001
19 "What You Do (Remix)" Baby Beesh, Don Cisco & Jay Tee Latino Velvet Project 1997
20 "Tramp Traps" Baby Beesh, Don Cisco & Jay Tee Miami's Collection of Dope 2002
21 "Bay Area Factors" (*) Baby Beesh, A-Wax & Jay Tee
22 "Life is Like… " (*) Buddah Mack, Baby Beesh & Jay Tee


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