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The Meow Wars referred to a series of flame wars on Usenet which started in 1996,[1] and ended circa 1998. Its participants were known as "Meowers".[2]

In 1996 a member of the group, a previously unused board re-colonized by Harvard University students posting about daily student life, jokingly suggested harassing members of the group Members of the latter group retaliated and drove Harvard students away from the previous board. They began including the word "meow" in their posts in a reference to a karl-malden user with the initials CAT;[1] the "meow" itself was a reference to Henrietta Pussycat, a character from Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood.[3] That word was repeated multiple times in subsequent spam posts.[1]

The trolls created their own usenet groups and used what is called crapflooding on other boards.[2] The Boston University e-mail server was disabled due to the volumes of posts. Meowers retaliated against people who opposed them by spamming them.[2] Ultimately the flamewar affected many boards and involved many users repeatedly posting spam. Roisin Kiberd wrote in Motherboard, a division of Vice, that Internet vocabulary was created as a result of the Meow Wars.[1]

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