Mera, Vrancea

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Mera is located in Romania
Coordinates: 45°46′N 26°56′E / 45.767°N 26.933°E / 45.767; 26.933
Country  Romania
County Vrancea County
Population (2002) 3,914
Time zone EET (UTC+2)
 • Summer (DST) EEST (UTC+3)

Mera is a commune in Romania. It is located in Vrancea County. It is composed of five villages: Livada, Mera, Milcovel, Roșioara, and Vulcăneasa.


According to the 2011 National Census data, the commune has 3,453 inhabitants, in decline from 2002, when the census registered 3,914 people.[1]


In Mera lies the former Mera monastery, considered a historical monument of national interest. Built in 1685, it is the only religious edifice built by the Moldavian voivode Constantin Cantemir.[2] The complex contains the "Holy Emperors" church, the exterior wall, and administrative buildings.


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The church inside Mera monastery.
The church inside Mera monastery.

Coordinates: 45°46′N 26°56′E / 45.767°N 26.933°E / 45.767; 26.933