Mera-Elzab Meritum

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Mera-Elzab Meritum
Meritum I computer.jpg
Meritum I
Type Home computer
Release date 1983
Operating system Meritum BASIC
CPU U880DA @ 2.50 MHz
Memory 16 KB (base)—64 kB (max.)

The Meritum was a Polish home computer esteemed as the forerunner of the Polish computer industry and the first home computer produced in Poland. Nevertheless, the machine was really a clone of the TRS-80 Model I (with a Polish BASIC Level II version in ROM). Mera-Elzab made two versions of Meritum and a third was announced and exhibited in a computer fair in 1986, but was never produced (vapourware).[1]

Meritum I[edit]

The Meritum I was launched in 1983, with 16 KB of RAM, text mode of 32×16 lines, and semi-graphic (32×16, 64×16 or 128×48 pixels); monochromatic display and limited expansion capabilities.

Meritum II[edit]

A complete Meritum II system.

The Meritum II was launched in 1985 with 48 KB of RAM (expansible to 64 KB). Besides the semi-graphic modes with four colours (32×16 and 64×16 pixels), it had two graphical modes (256×192 pixels (4 shades of gray) and 512×192 (monochrome). The machine could use 5" 1/4 drives, with options to MER-DOS or CP/M 2.2.

Technical specifications[edit]

CPU U880DA @ 2.50 MHz
RAM 16 KB (base)—64 KB (max.)
Keyboard mechanic, 57 keys, cursor keys
Display text: 32×16; semi-graphics (Meritum I): 32×16, 64×16 or 128×48 pixels and graphics (Meritum II): 256×192 pixels (4 shades of gray) and 512×192 pixels (monochrome).
Sound buzzer
Ports tape recorder port, parallel port, serial port, external drive port (Meritum II).
Storage tape recorder (500 bauds) or external 5" 1/4 drive

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