Mera Me Ti Mera

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Mera Me Ti Mera
Mera antique.jpg
Studio album by Antique
Released 1999
Genre Pop, Europop, Modern Laïka, Techno
Length 43:18
Label V2, Bonnier
Producer C&N Project, Per Aderbratt, Jonas Scheldt, Pontus Frisk
Antique chronology
Mera Me Ti Mera
Die for You
Opa Opa
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Mera Me Ti Mera (Greek: Μέρα με τη μέρα; English: Day by Day) or Opa Opa (in Scandinavia) is an album by Greek musical group Antique. The album was released in 1999 by V2 Records in Greece, and by Bonnier Music in Scandinavia.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. "Mystique Antique" Jonas Scheldt Jonas Scheldt 1:38
2. "Dinata - Dinata" (Δυνατά - Δυνατά; Strong - Strong/Loud - Loud) A. Dinkjian, L. Nikolakopoulou C&N Project & Adebratt 3:17
3. "Opa Opa" (Οπα Οπα) Giorgos Alkaios C&N Project & Adebratt 3:34
4. "Mera Me Ti Mera" (Μέρα Με Τη Μέρα; Day by day) Christer Carlsson, Nicklas Olausson, Christer Sandelin, Tommy Ekman, Pontus Frisk C&N Project & Adebratt 3:34
5. "Se Thelo" (Σε Θέλω; I want you) Carlsson, Olausson, Per Adebratt, Frisk, Elena Paparizou, Nikos Panagiotidis C&N Project & Adebratt 3:16
6. "I Zoi Einai Tora" (Η Ζωή Είναι Τώρα ; Life is now) Carlsson, Olausson, Paparizou, Frisk C&N Project & Pontus Frisk 3:06
7. "No Time To Play" Carlsson, Olausson C&N Project 4:21
8. "Ela' Do" (Έλα' Δω; Come here) Carlsson, Olausson, Sandelin, Ekman, Frisk C&N Project 3:13
9. "Set Your Body Free" Carlsson, Olausson C&N Project 5:28
10. "Mou Leipeis" (Μου Λείπεις; I miss you) Nikos Terzis, A. Pappas C&N Project & Adebratt 4:11
11. "The Earth" Carlsson, Olausson C&N Project 4:19
12. "Westoriental Trip" Scheldt Scheldt 4:07


"Opa Opa"

"Opa Opa" was the first CD single from the album and the debut song by Antique. It included the radio edit and an extended version along with the B-side "Rhythmos". "Opa Opa" reached gold certification in Sweden.

"Dinata Dinata"

"Dinata Dinata" was the second CD single from the album. It was a remix of Eleftheria Arvanitaki's song of the same name and was sung at the closing ceremony for the 2004 Olympics, during the fireworks after the flame was extinguished.

"Mera Me Ti Mera"

"Mera Me Ti Mera" was the third single from the album. It was released as a CD single with an extended version and a music video was made.