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The Meradong District is located in Sarikei Division, Sarawak, Malaysia. The capital of Meradong District is Bintangor, Sarawak. The official census in 2006 stated Meradong as covering 719 sq km, making it the smallest district of Sarawak in terms of geographic area, and the district population from the 2010 National Census was 28,672.[1] It is situated nearby Repok. Bintangor town has four secondary schools, SMK Meradong, SMK Bandar Bintangor, SMK Kai Chung, and SMK Tong Hua. There are also 32 primary schools, of which 18 are national schools (SK) and 14 are national type schools (SJK(c)). Malaysian Teachers Education Institute (Malay: Institut Pendidikan Guru Malaysia) Rajang Campus is also situated at about 17 kilometres from Bintangor town.

"Meradong" or "Maradong"?[edit]

There has been a lot of confusion regarding the actual spelling of the district's name as to whether it is "Meradong" or "Maradong". The correct spelling is "Meradong". The spelling "Maradong" is only used within the name of local council, "Maradong and Julau District Council" or "Majlis Daerah Maradong dan Julau". Other than that, "Meradong" is used.


Barisan Nasional retain control of the district, albeit with a majority 51 votes in 2008 national parliamentary election and have promised to establish the University of Tunku Abdul Rahman[2] in Bintangor. Land clearing began the next few days after the election result was announced. The project have since now stalled until the next election with only the land being cleared.

Meradong for the 2006/2010 session is represented in the Sarawak State Assembly by Dato' Ting Check Sii of the Sarawak United Peoples' Party.


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