Mercedes-Benz Antos

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Mercedes-Benz Antos

The Antos truck is a commercial vehicle manufactured by Mercedes-Benz. It was announced in May 2012 with a formal launch scheduled for September 2012.[1]

The Antos is available as either a platform trucks or tractor units with the axle spacing ranging from 2,650 mm (104.3 in) up to 6,700 mm (263.8 in) with weights from 18t.

The Antos is available with a range of 13 power options from 175 kW (238 PS; 235 bhp) to 375 kW (510 PS; 503 bhp), all with Euro VI compliant 6-cylinder engines[2] in three sizes: the OM 936 with 7.7 L, the OM 470 with 10.7 L, and the OM 471 with 12.8 L.[3]


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