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The Mercedes-Benz Classic Center is the official[1] Mercedes-Benz department for Mercedes-Benz classic car owners and enthusiasts. It was first opened on May 18, 1993,[2] in Fellbach, Germany, just outside Stuttgart.[3] A second location was opened in June 2006 in Irvine, California.[4]

Mercedes-Benz Classic Center USA


The Classic Center provides genuine parts, repairs, restorations, and information for and sales of historic Mercedes-Benz vehicles that are at least 15 years out of production.[5] It helps Classic Mercedes-Benz car owners to obtain information and documentation on their vehicle (upon proof of ownership) and also offers consulting and technical appraisals for their vehicles.[3] The Classic Center in Fellbach is also in charge of maintaining the Mercedes-Benz Museum fleet of historic vehicles.[6]

Both Classic Center locations often display particularly rare or historic automobiles from their collections at concours, historic racing and other special events. The Irvine, California, location also supplies cars for use in Mercedes-Benz television commercials, including recent Christmas spots depicting Santa Claus inspecting rows of vintage red cars.


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