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Mercedes-Benz Classic Center in California

The Mercedes-Benz Classic Center is part of Mercedes-Benz for restoring and preserving old Mercedes models.[1] It was first opened on May 18, 1993,[2] in Fellbach, Germany, outside Stuttgart.[3] A second location was opened in June 2006 in Irvine, California.[4]


The Classic Center provides genuine parts, repairs, restorations, and information for and sales of historic Mercedes-Benz vehicles that are at least 15 years out of production.[5] It helps Classic Mercedes-Benz car owners to obtain information and documentation on their vehicle (upon proof of ownership) and also offers consulting and technical appraisals for their vehicles.[3] The Classic Center in Fellbach also maintains the Mercedes-Benz Museum fleet of historic vehicles.[6]

Both Classic Center locations often display automobiles from their collections at concours, historic racing, and other special events. The Irvine, California, location also supplies classic cars for use in Mercedes-Benz television commercials.


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