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Several variations of the M275 V12 Bi-turbo engine have powered many top-of-the-range Mercedes-Benz and Maybach models since 2003

The Mercedes-Benz M275 (and similar M285) engine is a twin-turbocharged and intercooled, all-aluminum, 60° V12 automobile piston engine family used in the 2000s. It is loosely based on the M137 naturally aspirated V12 sold between 1998 and 2002, and retains its SOHC, 3 valve per cylinder, twin-spark ignition layout, but differs with the addition of structural reinforcements to the engine block for improved rigidity which in turn yields greater reliability. Bore is 82 mm and stroke is 87 mm giving a displacement of 5.5 L (5513 cc). Output is 493 hp (373 kW) at 5000 rpm with 590 ft.lbf (800 Nm) of torque at 1800–3500 rpm.


M275 AMG[edit]

The M275 AMG is a 6.0 L (5980 cm³) version, with boost pressure reaching 22.1 psi (1.52bar) at maximum, and uses air-to-liquid intercoolers. Bore is 82.6 mm and stroke is increased to 93 mm. Output is 604 hp (450 kW) at 4800–5100 rpm with 738 ft·lbf (1000 N·m) of torque at 2000–4000 rpm. It uses an ECI ignition system for the two spark plugs per cylinder, which helps with combustion and to support Ionic current measurement function sequence. The top of the range variant fitted in the SL65 AMG Black Series generates 670 hp (500 kW) at 4800–5400 rpm and 738 ft·lbf (1000 N·m) of torque at 2000–4200 rpm.



The M285 is a 5.5 L (5513 cc) version built in Stuttgart, Germany. Bore is 82 mm and stroke is 87 mm. Output is 543 hp (410 kW) at 5250 rpm with 664 ft.lbf (900 Nm) of torque at 2300-3000 rpm. The cylinders are lined with silicon/aluminum. and uses fracture-split forged steel connecting rods.



The M158 is a 6.0 L (5980 cc) version based on the M275. The engine uses smaller turbos (for reduced turbo-lag), re-programmed ECU, modified intercooler configuration and dry sump lubrication. It produces 720 horsepower (537 kW)[1] and 1,000 N·m (740 lb·ft) of torque.[1] AMG builds this engine specifically for Pagani Automobili for use in their Huayra supercar.


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