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Mercedes Helnwein (born 1979, Vienna, Austria)[1] is an artist, writer and filmmaker.



Mercedes Helnwein's large-scale drawings, most of which are done with black pencil, colored pencils, or pastels.[2]

Helnwein's art debuted in 2003, with her first group exhibition hosted in Downtown Los Angeles by actor Jason Lee.[3]

Mercedes Helnwein contributed art to the 2006 Beck album, The Information.[4]

In 2010 Damien Hirst acquired the entire work of Helnwein's "Whistling Past the Graveyard" show in London.[5]


In 2004, her travelogue, "Devil Got Religion," covered the 15-day road trip with Alex Prager and Beth Riesgraf for their "America Motel" installation.[6]

Her debut novel, The Potential Hazards of Hester Day, was released in February 2008 by Simon & Schuster.[7]


In 2011 Mercedes Helnwein directed an art/fashion film for the AW 2011 collection of UK based fashion label Orla Kiely. She worked again with Orla Kiely for their SS 2012 collection film.[8]

Personal life[edit]

Mercedes Helnwein was born in Vienna, Austria. Her father is Austro-Irish artist Gottfried Helnwein.[9] She and her brothers, Cyril, Ali, and Wolfgang Amadeus, often modeled for their father’s work as children.[10]

Mercedes, like her parents and siblings, is a Scientologist.[11] Helnwein has stated that Scientology is "just a tool you can use in life. People view it in a strange way.There’s lots of false stuff circulating about it, but it’s a totally separate thing from my art.”[12]

Selected reviews[edit]

  • The Helnwein Siblings' Artful Life in LA, by Jessica Gelt, Los Angeles Times, Oct 16, 2011 [8]
  • Making Cindy Sherman Proud, by Rachel Wolff, New York Magazine, July 3, 2007 [9]


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