Mercedes Pinto

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Mercedes Pinto
Mercedes Pinto Armas

12 October 1883
Died21 October 1976(1976-10-21) (aged 93)

Mercedes Pinto Armas (La Laguna, Tenerife, 12 October 1883 – Ciudad de México, 21 October 1976) was a Spanish writer. Her 1926 novel He is the basis of the Luis Buñuel film Él (This Strange Passion, 1952).[1]


  • Plays : “Un señor cualquiera” (1930), “Silencio” (1929), “Una mujer, Ana Rosa” (1932).
  • Poems : “Brisas del Teide” (1921), “Cantos de muchos puertos” (1940), “Más alto que el águila” (1968).
  • Essay : “La emoción de Montevideo” (1949).
  • Novels : “Él” (1926), “Ella” (1934), “El alma grande del pequeño Juan” (1950).
  • Film : "El coleccionista de cadáveres" (1966), "Días de viejo color" (1967).


  1. ^ Miriam Haddu, Joanna Page Visual Synergies in Fiction and Documentary Film from ...0230622151 2009 - Page 179 "Luis Buñuel's Él (This Strange Passion, 1952) is based on an autobiographical, hybrid novel, entitled Pensamientos(1926), by Mercedes Pinto. In this novel, the female protagonist denounces the persecution that she suffered at the hands of her paranoid husband in the Spanish bourgeois society of the 1920s. Pinto adds essays written by doctors, psychiatrists, and lawyers in the form of prologues and appendices to the fictional novel, thereby combining historical contextualization with individual subjectivity ..."