Mercedes Scápola

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Mercedes Scápola
Born Mercedes Scápola Morán
(1975-03-16) March 16, 1975 (age 42)
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Occupation Actress
Known for Graduados
Spouse(s) Mariano Castro
Children 1
Parent(s) Mercedes Morán

Mercedes Scápola is an Argentine actress. She became famous in the 2012 telenovela Graduados, and the 2014 telenovela Guapas. She is the daughter of the actress Mercedes Morán.


Mercedes Scápola Morán is the daughter of the actress Mercedes Morán. She studied theatre with Agustín Alezzo and Julio Chávez.[1] She ceased using the last name "Morán" to avoid being confused with her mother, who was already a famous actress.[2]

She worked in the successful 2012 telenovela Graduados, playing the housekeeper "Clarita". She joined the cast when the production was almost completed, and received a character that the writers initially considered a minor one.[1] Her character was drafted as a humble Paraguayan; Scápola proposed instead to make it a native of the Córdoba Province, and always fussy of the house's condition.[1] As it was her first major success in television and she did not spoof the slang from the Córdoba Province, many fans mistook her as an actual native of the province. She was fluent in the slang because her grandparents lived in the province, and she had already tried for it the film Rancho aparte.[3] Mercedes Morán made a brief cameo in the telenovela, as the mother of her character. Scápola got pregnant during the run of the program, so the scripts made her character pregnant as well. Her son León was born in 2013.[4]

Scápola returned to work in the 2014 telenovela Guapas. Her mother Mercedes Morán works in it as well. As they both enjoyed the cameo in Graduados, their characters are again mother and daughter within the plot.[5]






  • Nominated for the Tato Award 2009 as new actress


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