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Mercury Browser
Mercury Browser logo.png
Mercury Browser.png
Developer(s)iLegendSoft, Inc.
Stable release
3.2.3 / August 17, 2015; 3 years ago (2015-08-17)
Operating systemAndroid
TypeMobile browser

Mercury Browser is a discontinued freeware mobile browser for Android, developed by iLegendSoft. Mercury Browser uses the Webkit engine.[citation needed] It was formerly available for iOS, but in 2017, it was removed from the App Store[1][2][3][4]


Mercury Browser supports tabbed browsing, where users can open and switch between web pages with multiple tabs either at the top of the display or a thumbnail at the bottom. The browser also supports over ten gestures for ten functions, a browser sync allowing the user to sync Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome desktop bookmarks across devices, a private mode that stops the browser from recording the user's search history and cookies, integrated ad blocking, a night mode that dims the screen, and a reading view.[3]

Adobe Flash is only supported in the Android version of the browser.[4]


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