Mercury Meltdown Revolution

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Mercury Meltdown Revolution
Mercury Meltdown Revolution.jpg
Developer(s) Ignition Banbury
Publisher(s) Ignition Entertainment
Distributor(s) Atari
Platform(s) Wii
  • EU: June 8, 2007
  • NA: October 16, 2007[1]
  • JP: August 27, 2009
Genre(s) Puzzle
Mode(s) Single player

Mercury Meltdown Revolution is a puzzle video game developed and published by Ignition Entertainment for the Nintendo Wii. The game is part of a series of puzzle games including Mercury Meltdown and Archer Maclean's Mercury. In the game, players use the motion sensing Wii Remote to manipulate the environment in order to move a blob of mercury to its goal and As in Mercury Meltdown, this game is divided into ten worlds, or "melting labs", each containing 16 stages. This time, however, the melting labs are different, with the replacement of Chem and Micro labs with the Chrono and Cryo Labs from Mercury Meltdown Remix.

The only melting lab available at the beginning of the game is the Astro Lab. By filling up a bar to the right (by completing stages with 100% mercury and getting high scores), new labs are progressively unlocked.


Each level is represented by a test tube. The objective of each level is to get the mercury to the finish while avoiding the numerous hazards. However, sometimes there might be multiple finishes or it might be a certain color. With multiple finishes the player is required to cut the blob into several smaller blobs and get one on each pad. If the pad is colored the blob needs to be the same color to win.

List of Melting Labs[edit]

There are 10 melting labs in the game. Each one has a different theme and each melting lab is more difficult than the last one.

1.Astro (A lab based on astronomy, The easiest lab in the game)

2.Bio (A lab based on biology)

3.Cryo (A lab based on ice, replaces the Chem lab . Chemistry)

4.Electro (A lab based on electronics)

5.Geo (A lab probably based on geothermal)

6.Atom (A lab based on atoms and substances)

7.Aero (A lab based on air)

8.Hydro (A lab based on water)

9.Chrono (A lab based on measurements of time, replaces the Micro lab . Microfized Size)

10.V.R. (Virtual Reality) (A lab based on Virtual Reality, The hardest lab in the game)

Bonus Lab.History (A lab based on a Library)


Reviews of the game have been generally positive. Eurogamer praised the controls saying the motion sensing capabilities were used more fully than other games and also praised how the game was accessible for both skilled and unskilled players, giving the game 9/10.[2] IGN UK gave the game 7.9 out of 10 and an editor's choice award, although they said that the sound could be better and a lack of multiplayer is disappointing, especially on the Wii.[3] It has an overall average rating of 78% at Game Rankings [4]


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