Mercy Point

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Mercy Point
Starring Joe Morton
Maria del Mar
Alexandra Wilson
Brian McNamara
Julia Pennington
Gay Thomas
Jordan Lund
Country of origin USA
No. of episodes 8
Running time 60 mins.
Production company(s) Columbia TriStar Television
Mandalay Television
Distributor Sony Pictures Television
Original channel UPN
Original release 6 October 1998 – 15 July 1999

Mercy Point is an American science fiction series that ran from the fall of 1998 to the midsummer of 1999 on UPN. The series, set in the mid-23rd century, took place on a deep-space medical space station (the eponymous "Mercy Point") that catered to the medical needs of both humans and aliens, and served as a crossroads for both human and alien civilizations, as well as between the military and civilian agencies of human culture. While short-running, the series benefited from complex characters and intriguing hints at the greater universe outside of the hospital's hull. It was created by Trey Callaway, David Simkins, and Milo Frank and executive produced by Trey Callaway, Michael Katleman, Lee David Zlotoff, Peter Guber, Scott Sanders, and Joe Voci.



  1. New Arrivals
  2. Opposing Views
  3. Last Resort
  4. Second Chances
  5. No Mercy
  6. Battle Scars
  7. Persistence of Vision
  8. C.J.

Mercy Point timeline[edit]

The following timeline was posted on the now defunct official site for the show:

2001 - First Comprehensive Computerized Medical Database Created (very early predecessor to HIPPOCRATES).

2002 - International Space Station construction completed -becomes operational in Earth's orbit.

2009 - HIV cure found.

2012 - Complete map of the human brain specifically identifies all physiological and emotional centers of activity.

2024 - First Lunar Colony established - for mine workers and families.

2031 - Advances in genetic technology make human organ growing and cloning possible.

2038 - Energy Depletion Crisis on Earth - Global Environmental Alliance established to resolve crisis.

2046 - Lunar Colony expanded to accommodate Earth's growing population.

2054 - First experimental cyborg completed.

2097 - Mars colony established - first officially documented encounter with alien life form - Krell species - lower life form used as slave labor.

2103 - Human cloning experiment approved and successfully attempted - breed new workers, among other purposes.

2143 - Space exploration to Jupiter discovers planet is too unstable for colonization.

2166 - Space exploration goes beyond Neptune into Pluto's orbit.

2181 - Probes dispatched into unknown areas of deep space known as the Sahartic Divide - none return.

2196 - Visgear/Mem-print technology first successfully used to download/record human memory.

2200 - HIPPOCRATES Medical Interface created.

2210 - Grote Maxwell born on Callisto Gas Mine.

2213 - Haylen Breslauer born on Earth.

2217 - Caleb Jurado born on L.E.O. colony.

2218 - Dru Breslauer born on Aries Station, off Venus.

2222 - Grote Maxwell's mother dies from alien-contracted disease.

2230 - As a member of an Environmental Response Team, Caleb Jurado makes first trip to Earth to fight the threat of deforestation.

2231 - Haylen and Dru Breslauer are abandoned by their mother.

2233 - Dru Breslauer leaves the supervision of sister, Haylen.

2239 - Caleb Jurado meets Dru Breslauer and they become romantically involved.

2244 - Haylen Breslauer arrives at Mercy Point.

2247 - Grote Maxwell begins his tenure as Primary Alien Physiologist at Mercy Point.

2248 - Caleb Jurado is made Director of Extra-Vehicular Medicine at Mercy Point.


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