Mere Humdum Mere Dost

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Mere Humdum Mere Dost
Mere Humdum Mere Dost.jpg
Title screen
Genre Drama
Based on Farhat Ishtiaq's novel
Directed by Shehzad Kashmiri
Starring Adnan Siddiqui
Sanam Jung
Hareem Farooq
Shamim Hilaly
Farhan Ali Agha
Theme music composer Waqar Ali
Opening theme "Mere Humdum Mere Dost" by Nida Arab and Adeeb
Composer(s) Waqar Ali
Country of origin Pakistan
Original language(s) Urdu
Producer(s) Momina Duraid
Production location(s) Karachi
Original network Urdu 1
First shown in Pakistan
Original release 18 April 2014 (2014-04-18) [1]
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Urdu 1

Mere Humdum Mere Dost (english: My companion, my friend) is a Pakistani romantic drama series first aired on Urdu 1. It has been directed by Shehzad Kashmiri and produced by Momina Duraid. This drama serial is based on Farhat Ishtiaq's novel of the same name.[2]

Zindagi (India) started airing this series from 21 March 2016 onwards.[3]


Aimen, a 20-year-old girl is raised by her mother Zainab in absence of her father Taufeeq. During her last days, Zainab wrote letter to Taufeeq and requested that he raises Aimen. Taufeeq receives the letter when he was about to leave for US with his wife Almas and son Sahir for his admission to an American university. He requests his business partner Haider to pick Aimen up and let her stay at his home until he is back. After Taufeeq returns, she stays with him and his family, but struggles to adjust to living with them. Haider encourages her to take advanced studies of Finance and Economics , and grooms her. Aimen also develops feelings for Haider. Haider’s ex-wife Sajeela, who is also Almas's sister, returns to Pakistan after a failed marriage to Mazhar, in hopes of remarrying Haider. She tries to create tension between Aimen and Haider by convincing everyone that Haider is taking advantage of Aimen’s innocence. Haider suddenly decides to marry his old friend Fatima instead. Dejected Aimen decides to go back her town in response. Later on Haider confronts Aimen where he admits his feelings for her. Haider and Aimen get married.


Deviations From The Novel[edit]

Farhat Ishtiaq has adapted her own novel, Mere Humdum Mere Dost, for the screen. Although nearly all of the plot is the same in the novel and the TV series, a few changes have been made. The role of Sajeela is not very prominent in the novel whereas, in the TV drama, she is a major character.


The OST is composed by Waqar Ali and is sung by singers Nida Arab and Adeeb Ahmed. The song was well received by the audience.[4]


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