Meremere Power Station

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Meremere Power Station
Meremere Power Station is located in New Zealand
Meremere Power Station
Location of Meremere Power Station in New Zealand
Country New Zealand
Location Meremere, Waikato
Coordinates 37°18′51″S 175°4′6″E / 37.31417°S 175.06833°E / -37.31417; 175.06833Coordinates: 37°18′51″S 175°4′6″E / 37.31417°S 175.06833°E / -37.31417; 175.06833
Status Decommissioned
Commission date 1958 (1958)
Decommission date 1991 (1991)
Owner(s) Electricity Corporation of New Zealand
Thermal power station
Primary fuel Coal
Cogeneration? No
Combined cycle? No
Power generation
Units operational 7
Nameplate capacity 210 MW

Meremere Power Station is a former coal-fired power station on the Waikato River at Meremere, approximately 64 kilometres (40 mi) south of Auckland, New Zealand. Meremere was the first major coal-fired power station in New Zealand, and was commissioned to help meet the increasing electricity demands of New Zealand, and especially Auckland, following World War II.

The first six 30MW units were commissioned in 1958. The commissioning of Meremere, and Atiamuri Dam further upstream on the Waikato River, meant post-war electricity restrictions were finally lifted in December that year. An additional seventh unit commissioned in 1967.

Two-thirds of Meremere's annual 800,000-tonne coal requirements was met by the nearby Maramarua coalfield, with coal delivered to the power station by a twin aerial ropeway. The remaining one-third of coal came from other mines, and was railed to Meremere via a private siding off the North Island Main Trunk.

Meremere was decommissioned in 1991 after 33 years in service.

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