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Category Telluride mineral
(repeating unit)
Strunz classification 2.EA.20
Crystal system Trigonal
Crystal class Hexagonal scalenohedral (3m)
H-M symbol: (3m)
Space group P3m1
Unit cell a = 3.978(1) Å,
c = 5.125(2) Å; Z = 1
Color White, grayish white
Crystal habit Microscopic inclusions, intergrowths with other Pd–Pt minerals
Mohs scale hardness ~3.5
Diaphaneity Opaque
Specific gravity 8.547 calculated
Pleochroism Weak, white to grayish white in air under reflected light
References [1][2][3][4]

Merenskyite is a rare telluride / bismuthinide mineral with formula: (Pd,Pt)(Te,Bi)2.[2][3] It is an opaque white to light gray metallic mineral that occurs as inclusions within other minerals such as chalcopyrite. It crystallizes in the trigonal crystal system.[2]

Merenskyite was first described in 1966 for an occurrence in the Merensky Reef of the Western Bushveld Igneous Complex, South Africa, and named for South African geologist Hans Merensky (1871–1952).[4]