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Merete Van Kamp born in Kolding is a Danish-born model turned actress,singer

Merete Van Kamp started out with her first role in the Osterman Weekend directed by Sam Peckinpah. She played the lead roles of Princess Daisy and Princess Dani in the multimillion-dollar blockbuster, written by Judith Krantz, TV miniseries, Princess Daisy where she won THE HALO Award for Best newcomer of the year-1984. She was chosen out of 700 hopeful actresses to star in this multi million-dollar mini-series for Lorimar, MGM NBC. Merete Van Kamp became a major cast member in the TV series Dallas as Grace Van Owen in the 1985-86 dream season.

She has also guest-starred in several episodes on Hotel and Remington Steele and appeared in several films, including You Cant Hurry Love with Bridget Fonda, Mission Kill, director David Winters; Lethal Woman with Shannon Tweed, The Most Dangerous Woman Alive, Poison Ivy: The New Seduction, and Westbrick Murders.

EMI-France Album,Pleasure and Pain, Music Producers Frank Langolff; Rick James, mix, Manu Gium.

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