Meriam George

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Meriam George
Beauty pageant titleholder
Meriam George at Miss Earth 2006-12-02.jpg
Born Meriam George
1987 (age 29–30)
Cairo, Egypt
Height 1.75 m (5 ft 9 in)
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Pantene Miss Egypt 2005 (winner)
Miss Universe 2005
Miss Intercontinental 2005 (semi-finalist)
Miss Earth 2006 (finalist)
Miss Asia Pacific World Super Talent 2013 (1st runner-up)

Meriam George (Egyptian Arabic: مريم چورچ‎‎, IPA: [ˈmeɾjæm ˈʒoɾʒ]; born 1987 in Cairo, Egypt) is an Egyptian beauty pageant titleholder. At the age of eighteen, she was the official Pantene Miss Egypt 2005 winner.[1] She represented Egypt in Miss Universe 2005, Miss Intercontinental 2005 and Miss Earth 2006. In Miss Earth, she was among the eight finalists, in Miss Intercontinental, she was a semifinalist, and in Miss Universe, she did not place.[2] In October 2013, she traveled to Seoul, South Korea, to represent her country as "Miss Egypt" at the Miss Asia Pacific World Super Talent 2013, where she placed as 1st runner-up,[3] Egypt's best showing in the grand slam pageants since Antigone Costanda was Miss World in 1954.


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Preceded by
Heba El-Sisy
Pantene Miss Egypt
Succeeded by
Fawzia Mohamed