Coordinates: 42°08′N 25°30′E / 42.133°N 25.500°E / 42.133; 25.500
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Locator map of Merichleri in South-central Bulgaria.

Merichleri (Bulgarian: Меричлери [mɛrit͡ʃˈlɛri]) is a small town located in the Dimitrovgrad Municipality of Haskovo Province, within South-central Bulgaria.[1]

It is located near the Maritsa River, at 150 metres (490 ft) in altitude.[1] The population of the town was 2,011 residents as of 2006.


Mineral springs[edit]

There are mineral springs in the locale, of healing and spa importance since the ancient Thracians.[1] The mineral water is mainly characterized as moderately mineralized hyper-thermal, and was used in ancient Greek and Thracian natural medicine for treatment of diseases and poisoning.[1] The contemporary natural medicine balneology resort facility is near the town center.[1]

Land art sculpture[edit]

The artist Dan Tenev, created a huge land art sculptural installation in Merichleri, titled Numerical Rows. It was completed in 2010.

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42°08′N 25°30′E / 42.133°N 25.500°E / 42.133; 25.500