Meridian, Florida

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Location of Meridian, Florida
Location of the Meridian with homes, church, and school in 1940.

Meridian is a small and old unincorporated community in northwestern Leon County, Florida, United States.


Meridian is located on the west side of Lake Iamonia on N. Meridian Road, 12 miles north of Tallahassee.



Meridian started as the center and community gathering place for nearby antebellum cotton plantations of Burgesstown, the William A. Carr Plantation, Bannerman Plantation, the James A. Kirksey Plantation, and the G.W. Holland Plantation.

20th Century[edit]

In 1940, Meridian consisted of 20 homes in the immediate area and 20 more homes, a church, and school in the outlying area north of Meridian on N. Meridian Road. A saw mill was located south and east of Meridian.

Today, Meridian is still a community of several large homes and estates.


Meridian Governmental Representation
Position Name Party

County Commission At-Large Cliff Thaell Democrat
County Commission At-Large Ed DePuy Republican
Commissioner Dist. 2 Jane Sauls Democrat
U.S. House Allen Boyd Democrat
Florida House Loranne Ausley Democrat

Note: DePuy was appointed by Governor Jeb Bush in 2004.


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Coordinates: 30°38′19″N 84°16′55″W / 30.63861°N 84.28194°W / 30.63861; -84.28194