Meridian Gate, Cardiff

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Meridian Gate
Meridian Gate - Cardiff.jpg
Radisson Blu hotel (left) and Meridian Plaza (right)
General information
Type Residential and Hotel
Location Cardiff, Wales
Address Bute Terrace, Cardiff city centre
Coordinates 51°28′37″N 3°10′25″W / 51.4769°N 3.1737°W / 51.4769; -3.1737Coordinates: 51°28′37″N 3°10′25″W / 51.4769°N 3.1737°W / 51.4769; -3.1737
Construction started 2007
Completed 2009
Cost £30,000,000
Client Imperial Properties Ltd
Owner Radisson Blu (hotel),
Delph (apartments)
Height 63 metres
Technical details
Floor count 21
Floor area 250,000 sq ft
Design and construction
Architect Gareth Brown
Architecture firm Wigley Fox
Structural engineer RVW
Services engineer McCann
Other designers John Wootton, Miller Group,
Distinction Contract (Furnishings)
Main contractor Miller Group

Meridian Gate is a hotel and residential skyscraper complex in Cardiff, Wales. Meridian Gate comprises two buildings, the taller of which is 63 metres high, has 21 floors and contains the largest hotel in Cardiff, operated by Radisson Blu. It is the joint-fifth tallest building in Cardiff. The smaller building, called Meridian Plaza is 33 metres high, has 11 floors and contains luxury residential apartments.

Meridian Gate is a result of the trend for city living that is driving a construction boom in many major British centres.[1]


Meridian Gate
Meridian Gate during construction in 2007
Meridian Gate in 2011

The building was proposed in early 2004,[1] obtaining planning consent shortly afterwards. A full application was submitted in 2006 after a change of developer. The site was bought by Radisson Blu, a major international hotel group requiring a prime site in central Cardiff for an upmarket hotel and a 36-unit residential element.

The building topped out in mid-2008.[2]

Architecture and design[edit]

The public open space is a mix of hard and soft landscaping, and the courtyards at podium level are for residents only. The Barcelona lights were retained but moved, and a statue of Jim Driscoll was placed on an elevated stone plinth. Parking provision was low, given the central location, with 40 spaces allocated for residents, and 35 for the hotel based on different levels on an anticipation that 80% of hotel users use public transport.[citation needed]

The hotel tower has a glazed curtain walling with solar reflective glass and aluminium projecting fins. The intention was to broadly follow the finishes and colours on Callaghan Square and Kingsway.[citation needed] The gull wing or butterfly roof feature on top of the tower were added to give it more distinction.[citation needed]

Cardiff Council welcomed the slimness of the tower and the increased glazing which creates a strong focal point in the cityscape. They wanted to see a distinctive roof feature to add to the landmark nature of the building. The quality of the detailed design was critical for the scheme's success, and will be conditioned.[clarification needed] High quality materials were required, and the precast concrete panelling was therefore of some concern. The Council required a financial contribution towards repaving the southern side of Bute Terrace and the Highways Department also required a contribution towards a pedestrian crossing on Bute Terrace.[3]

Review recommendation[edit]

Meridian Gate and Altolusso to the right

A concern of the review panel of Design Commission for Wales was that the building needed to respect the height of the neighbouring Altolusso building, another of Cardiff's tallest buildings. Consequently, a slight improvement in the spacing between the westernmost wing of the Altolusso and the new residential tower was made.[citation needed]

Hotel facilities[edit]

The hotel offers 215 rooms on 21 floors. Rooms include 60 Business Class rooms, 12 Junior suites and 11 accessible rooms.[4]

The hotel has two bars and a restaurant,[5] as well as a health spa featuring a sauna, steam room, relaxation room, and seven treatment rooms on the second floor.[6]

Six meeting rooms are provided by the hotel as well as The Azzurro Ballroom with a capacity of 350. The pre-conference area has a capacity of 150.[7]


The building is located on Bute Terrace.[8]

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