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Meridian Medical Technologies Inc. is a subsidiary of pharmaceutical giant Pfizer that primarily manufactures antidotes for chemical weapons.

It was founded in 1968 as Brunswick Biomedical Corporation and changed its name in November 1996[1] when it merged with Survival Technology, Inc.[2] Survival Technology, Inc. had been the employer of Sheldon Kaplan, who had invented various kinds of autoinjectors, including the epinephrine autoinjector, EpiPen.[3] The EpiPen was marketed and distributed by Dey LP, a subsidiary of Merck KGaA.[4]

King Pharmaceuticals acquired Meridian in 2003, and the company became part of Pfizer when Pfizer acquired all of King's assets through a process that started in 2010 and was completed in 2011.[5][6]

Meridian is a member of the Alliance for Biosecurity,[7] which is a group of companies that work towards preventing and treating severe infectious diseases, especially those that present global security challenges.[8]


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