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Location of Merig in Banks Islands
Location of Merig in Banks Islands
Merig is located in Vanuatu
Location in Vanuatu
Coordinates: 14°19′S 167°48′E / 14.317°S 167.800°E / -14.317; 167.800Coordinates: 14°19′S 167°48′E / 14.317°S 167.800°E / -14.317; 167.800
Country Vanuatu
ProvinceTorba Province
 • Total0.5 km2 (0.2 sq mi)
 • Total12
 • Density24/km2 (62/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+11 (VUT)

Merig is a small island located 20 kilometres (12 miles) east of Gaua, in the Banks Islands of northern Vanuatu.

The island is about 800 metres (2,600 feet) wide, and has a circumference of 2.2 kilometres (1 mile).


The first recorded sighting of Merig Island by Europeans was by the Spanish expedition of Pedro Fernández de Quirós on 25 April 1606.[2] It was then named Île Sainte Claire.[3]


Merig is only inhabited by one household, consisting of 12 individuals.[4]

They speak Mwerlap,[5] the language of the neighbouring island Merelava.


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