Merikoi to protimoun kryo

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Some Like it Cool
Merikoi to protimoun kryo
Μερικοί το προτιμούν κρύο
Directed by Giannis Dalianidis
Produced by The Roussopoulos Brothers
Written by Giannis Dalianidis
Starring Dinos Iliopoulos
Zoe Laskari
Rena Vlachopoulou
Vangelis Voulgaridis
Kostas Voutsas
Martha Karagianni
Chloi Liaskou
Joly Garbi
Kostas Doukas
Music by Mimis Plessas
Distributed by Finos Films
Release date
January 10, 1963 (1963-01-10)
Running time
87 minutes
Country Greece
Language Greek

Merikoi to protimoun kryo (Greek: Greek: Μερικοί το προτιμούν κρύο) translations: Some Like it Cool is a 1963 Greek comedy film directed by Giannis Dalianidis. Lakis (Dinos Iliopoulos), Rena (Rena Vlachopoulou), Eva (Zoi Laskari) and Mary (Chloi Liaskou) are four siblings that were secretly in relationships with Lela (Martha Karagianni), Thodoros (Giannis Vogiatzis), Giorgis (Vangelis Voulgaridis) and Kleopa (Kostas Voutsas), respectively.


Lakis had used for marrying his three sisters, before he split up in his own marriage with his loving Lela. In a trip for a bath at the beach. Eva and Mary knew Kleopa and Giorgos in which they fixed up. Even as Rena lived here for 10 years with a secret plan with Thodoros.



The movie made 212,247 tickets.

  • It was Giannis Dalianidis' first musical
  • Finos Films mainly did not want to star Rena Vlachopoulou in a cast that she did not made a trade, her talent that opened her great career
  • The title of the movie comes from the opposite form of an American movie Some Like it Hot

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