Merion Botanical Park

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Merion Botanical Park

The Merion Botanical Park (13.5 acres) is a city park and botanical garden located at 100 Merion Road, Merion, Pennsylvania. It is open daily without charge. The park was created in 1944 by residents who formed the Botanical Society of Lower Merion, which continues to manage the Park. Among the founders was Laura Barnes, wife of art collector Albert C. Barnes. A renewal began in 2012 with "Botanical Bill" Earley and an "unlikely army of Montgomery County inmates, rabbinic students, truants, Boy Scouts, ROTC members, and Little Leaguers" clearing the park of 1,000 pounds of trash.[1] It lies adjacent to the railway tracks, and now contains azaleas, dogwoods, magnolias, cut-leaf maples, redbuds, rhododendron, and viburnum.

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