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An Egyptian pack of Merit with a text warning
Product type Cigarette
Owner Philip Morris USA

Merit is a brand of cigarettes made by Phillip Morris USA, a division of Altria.


A lawsuit has been filed by the U.S. Department of Justice against Philip Morris USA, the cigarettes' manufacturer, for concealing information about certain fire hazards of the brand. It has been alleged that the rolling paper used in Merit is excessively flammable to standards.[1][2]

USA Varieties[edit]

  • Gold Pack (Light) - Soft: Kings & 100s, Box: Kings
  • Blue Pack (Ultra Light) - Soft: Kings & 100s, Box: Kings & 100s
  • Bronze Pack (Ultima) - Soft: Kings & 100s, Box: Kings & 100s
  • Menthol Gold Pack (Light) - Soft: Kings & 100s
  • Menthol Silver Pack (Ultra Light) - Soft: Kings & 100s

(There is no Menthol Ultima.)

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