Merit Cross for War Aid

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Merit Cross for War Aid
Verdienstkreuz für Kriegshilfe
PRU Verdienstkreuz für Kriegshilfe.png
Obverse and reverse of the Merit Cross for War Aid
Awarded by Prussia
TypeMilitary and civil decoration
Awarded forAct contributing to the war effort
Campaign(s)World War I
StatusSuppressed 1924
Established5 December 1916[1]
Order of Wear 1916[2]
Next (higher)Life Saving Medal
Next (lower)Peacetime awards of the Orders of Hohenzollern, Red Eagle, and Crown
PRU Erinnerungsband-sanitätsband.png
Ribbon of the cross

The Merit Cross for War Aid (German: Verdienstkreuz für Kriegshilfe) was a war decoration of Prussia awarded during World War I. Instituted 5 December 1916, the cross was awarded for patriotic war aid service, without regard to status or rank.[3]


The Merit Cross for War Aid is in the shape of a Maltese cross, typically found made of blackened Kriegsmetall alloy. The obverse of the cross bears a circular central medallion with the crowned cipher of King Wilhelm II. On the reverse the central medallion is inscribed FÜR KRIEGS-HILFSDIENST (For War Aid Merit) above an oak wreath. To the upper arm is attached a loop for suspension from its ribbon.[3]


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