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Meritorious Civilian Service Award medal

The Meritorious Civilian Service Award is commonly the second highest award and medal provided to civilian employees within agencies of the federal government of the United States. In order of precedence, an agency's Meritorious Civilian Service Award is its second highest award behind the (Agency Name) Distinguished Civilian Service Award (or for example in the Army and (Agency Name) Decoration for Exceptional Civilian Service.

Examples of Meritorious Civilian Service Awards include but are not limited to:

The Meritorious Civilian Service Award is comparable to the military Meritorious Service Medal.[1]

Armed Forces[edit]

Army Meritorious Civilian Service Award[edit]

The second highest award and is granted by the Secretary of the Army or a major Army commander. It consists of a medal, lapel button, and citation certificate. Nominees must have established a pattern of excellence, normally demonstrated by the receipt of lower level awards.

Air Force Meritorious Service Award[edit]

Application submitted through Installation Awards Committee and approved at MAJCOM level. Consists of a sterling silver medal bearing the Air Force coat of arms within a wreath of laurel leaves. The ribbon is light blue with 4 gold and 3 dark blue stripes in the center. A silver lapel emblem, miniature medal and AF Form 1166, Award for Meritorious Civilian Service accompanies the award. The emblem with a ruby indicates receipt of more than one meritorious award.[2]

Navy Meritorious Civilian Service Award[edit]

Award consists of a certificate and citation signed by the activity head, medal and lapel emblem. The award is the third highest Navy civilian award, ranking behind the Navy Superior Civilian Service Award.


Accomplished supervisory or non-supervisory duties in an exemplary manner, setting a record of achievement, and inspiring others to improve the quantity and quality of their work. Exhibited unusual courage or competence in an emergency, while performing assigned duties, resulting in direct benefit to the Government or its personnel. Rendered professional or public relations service of a unique or distinctive character. Demonstrated unusual initiative and skill in devising new and improved equipment, work methods, and procedures; inventions resulting in substantial savings in expenses such as manpower, time, space, and materials, or improved safety or health of the workforce; improving morale of employees in a unit which resulted in improvement of work performance and esprit de corps. This award may also be given at the time of retirement.

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