Merivale River

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Country Australia
State Queensland
Region South West Queensland
Part of Darling River catchment,
Murray–Darling basin
Source Carnarvon Range,
Great Dividing Range
 - location below Mount Eden
 - elevation 574 m (1,883 ft)
Mouth confluence with the Maranoa River
 - elevation 401 m (1,316 ft)
 - coordinates 25°53′16″S 147°51′22″E / 25.88778°S 147.85611°E / -25.88778; 147.85611Coordinates: 25°53′16″S 147°51′22″E / 25.88778°S 147.85611°E / -25.88778; 147.85611
Length 205 km (127 mi)
Basin 3,460 km2 (1,336 sq mi)
National park Carnarvon National Park
Merivale River is located in Queensland
Merivale River
Location of the Merivale River mouth
in Queensland

The Merivale River, part of the Darling catchment of the Murray-Darling basin, is a river located in South West Queensland, Australia.

Course and features[edit]

The Merivale River rises on the southern slopes of the Carnarvon Range near Mount Eden, part of the southwestern slopes of the Great Dividing Range. The river flows generally in a southerly direction and joins the Maranoa River west of Injune. The Sandy, Box and Smith Creeks are the river's main tributaries. The river's catchment area is approximately 3,460 square kilometres (1,340 sq mi).[2] The river descends 277 metres (909 ft) over its 205-kilometre (127 mi) course.[1]

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